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Zach Alexander

Based in San Francisco

I'm a web designer & frontend developer. I've helped design and build a tool (checkmedia.org) that was part of an award-winning journalism effort (Electionland), worked at YCombinator startups in SF, and with other companies and individuals. Portfolio: http://zda.is


Recent Work

What students say

"Zach's been a great mentor! His feedback has been an invaluable source to helping me overcome design problems that I wouldn't have been able to resolve on my own. It's great having a second pair of more experienced eyes to look over my work to help push me into thinking like a better designer. He also goes beyond just answering my homework-related questions and also gave me insight into the design world, as well as outside websites/design news websites that I am now following on a daily basis. Thank you so much Zach & DesignLab! I got more than I thought I would out of this course :)"

- Alice Wu, Design 101

"Zach's been a really great mentor. He's incredibly knowledgable in design and has great feedback for continued improvement. 10/10 would have as my mentor again. "

- Elizabeth Sockol , Design 101

"Zach was great, provided a lot of good feedback and was quick to help and assist to whatever I needed for assignment and provided advice/critique and additional source of useful recommendations such as fonts and gridwork."

- Eleanor Wong, Design 101

"Zach was amazing. He was so helpful and really went the extra mile to help me whenever possible! Very thankful to him."

- Brittany Wiczek, Design 101

"He's very helpful and very supportive. We were able to schedule a mentor session after the course schedule had ended, allowing me to progress further in the course though his expert advice."

- Jonatas Miguel, Design 101

"I would like to thank Zach for all of the great advice and feedback he has given me. He understood very well about my struggle of juggling my day job of working full-time and keeping up with my design work. I was working on a landing page design for my current job, and he helped me by giving me very honest feedback and tips to improve my work. I would love to keep in touch with Zach and continue to receive feedback from him if he's open to do that. Thank you Zach! :)"

- Megumi Kasamatsu, Design 101

Past Students

Andra Nicolau

oakland, Ca

Patrick Peters

Whistler, BC

Alexia Burke

San Francisco, CA

Michael Greenspan

Thornhill, ON

Elizabeth Sockol

Sarasota, Fl

Jenna Robins

Surrey, British Columbia

Kelly Gadourey

North Billerica, MA

Peter Park

San Diego, CA

Aditya Joshi

Camarillo, CA

Hara Ku

Carson, CA

Eleanor Wong

Quincy, MA

Ajay Mathrani

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Brittany Wiczek

San Diego, CA

Winston Lazar

San Francisco, Ca

Ketan Rajput

santa clara, California

Aisling O'Gara

San Francisco, CA

Ruchi Malik

Mountain View, California

Stephanie Kabi

Nairobi, Kenya

Adam Whitney

Fresno, CA

Lilian Nguyen

San Francisco, CA

Sinead Stafford

St. Kilda, VIC

Sonya Gonzales

Gilroy, CA

Kevin McFarland

San Francisco, CA

Eric Damon

Portland, OR

Sandra Rodgers

Salem, NH

Olivia Fingerhood

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lorena Kirby

Whitefish, MT

Maggi Voong

San Francisco, CA

Jonatas Miguel

New York, NY

Mandy Rivera

San Francisco, California

Loree Draude

Palo Alto, CA

John Dulay

San Francisco, CA

Megumi Kasamatsu

San Mateo, CA

Lawrence Barchard Lee

San Francisco, CA

Bobby Fraher

San Francisco, CA