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Adam Ruf

Based in San Francisco, CA

Adam is currently a UI/UX Designer at Twitch. After hours, you can find him mentoring and streaming design at https://twitch.tv/ux_adam three nights a week. Passionate about supporting designers grow their skills and impact, Adam also launched http://uxdesigncontest.com and http://uxdesignbookclub.com to create even more fun ways for designers to learn and grow together.

UI/UX Designer at


Recent Work

What students say

"Adam is great and leaves great feedback."

- Jessica Yee, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Edward Salonga

San Francisco, CA

Rachel Fleming

Denver, CO

Angela Don

St. Petersburg, FL

Alena Ilchenko

Santa Clara, CA

Samantha De Joya

San Francisco, California

Ashley Sawyer

Layton, Utah

Samantha Britney

Carlsbad, CA

Samuel Mburu

San Francisco, CA

Laurel Natale

Lumberton, New Jersey

Kristen Zelenka

Chicago, Illinois

Brendon Patubo

San Francisco, CA

Jessica Yee

San Francisco, California


San Francisco, CA