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UX Research & Strategy

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Want to make products people love? Start with a deep understanding of your customers. Learn the who, what, why, when and where of customer research to help you create amazing user experiences.

  • Course 1

    UX Research & Strategy

  • Course 2

    Interaction Design

  • Course 3

    Prototyping & Testing

    Coming Mid-2017

Course Overview

UX design isn't about making something pretty — it's about creating exceptional products that people want and need. The best way to do that is to deeply understand your users, and keep them in mind through every step of the design process. In this 4-week online course, you'll:

  • Learn the basics of UX, and user-centered design
  • Explore the core research techniques professionals use to gain customer insight, and get experience by working on hands-on projects
  • Develop your UX portfolio, creating deliverables like personas, storyboards, customer journey maps, & empathy maps
  • Work with your own expert mentor, with feedback on all your work and weekly Skype sessions

By the end, you'll know all about user research, and have a toolkit of methods you can use throughout your career. You'll have a strong portfolio of work and crucial real experience to draw upon for interviews. Whether you want a career in UX/UI Design, or you just want to build better products, this course is the perfect next step.

UX Research is made for you

Tailor-made for people who want to add UX to their skillset, this course takes about 10 hours/week between online lectures, projects, & mentor work.

  • Aspiring UX designers

    Learn how customer-centered design is changing the way businesses operate, and why customer research and validation are key to design success.

  • Product managers & entrepreneurs

    Customer research, insight, and understanding are the keys to a great product. Learn the tools of the trade and improve your own craft.

  • Print/graphic designers

    Move beyond print & graphic design and become a well-rounded product designer! Learn how to make the jump into digital by delving into the foundations of UX.

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What our past students have said

"The quantity and quality of the learning material is simply amazing."

François Leclerc
Software developer

What you'll learn

You'll form a strong foundation in UX, gain a deep understanding of how to find customer needs through different research techniques, and develop a real portfolio of UX work with deliverables like personas, storyboards, and empathy maps.

  • Week 1

    Intro to Product Design

    Learn the basics of UX design, and how a user-centered design process can help us make better products.

    Customer Empathy - Research techniques

    Learn how to build empathy with a toolkit of research techniques.

    • Contextual Inquiries
    • Diary Studies
    • Customer Interviews
  • Week 2

    Customer Empathy - Artefacts

    Learn about the actual deliverables created in user research, and make your own.

    • Empathy Maps
    • Storyboards
    • Customer Journey Maps
    Understanding Competitors

    No product lives in a vacuum. Learn how to assess and report on competitors before you build your own products.

    • Heuristic Review
    • Feature Analysis
    • Feature Matrix
  • Week 3

    Defining the Problem

    Now that we have built empathy and a deeper understanding of our customers, we'll create some problem statements or “Points of View”.

    Hypotheses and Validating assumptions

    Learn how to define hypotheses, test them, and measure what success looks like.

  • Week 4

    Testing our Assumptions

    As part of the design process we need to create artefacts to test our assumptions.

    • Quantitative/Qualitative Testing
    • Landing Page Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Data-driven design



for Four Weeks

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  • 14 Projects
  • 4 Skype Sessions
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  • I thought UX design was about creating things like wireframes and sitemaps.

    Those are also part of the UX design process, that happen once you've defined what you're going to build. But first, you need to understand who you're building for and what they want. If you want a job in UX, explaining how you would research, validate and gain customer insight is what would make the difference between being taken seriously and getting thrown in the “fake UX” pile.

  • Where can I learn more about User Research?

    Here's a great article we recommend.

  • Do I need any special tools for the course, like Photoshop?

    Nope! Maybe a Sharpie and some Post-its, but mostly just a desire to learn about your users and make amazing things :)

  • Will I be able to get a job after this?

    This is a 40-hour course that's not quite intended to create job-level outcomes. But, you will get a strong understanding of UX and the IXD process, and start to build a great portfolio of work in this course.


  • How is the course pacing?

    This course is built for busy folks. Expect to spend about 10 hours per week between projects, readings, and mentor interaction.

  • I'm a student, do you offer discounts?

    Email us! hello@trydesignlab.com

  • Do you offer any other discounts?

    Ask your employer to sponsor the course! We've seen plenty of employers happy to cover the course price because of how much you'll learn :)

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