UX Academy

Break into UI/UX design with our first online bootcamp made for career-switchers

Learn all the skills you need to launch your career as a UX designer

Welcome to the academy

UX design is a field that's exploding in popularity. It's also not the easiest world to navigate as a beginner. We've put together an online program that's tailored to your needs.

Learn Essential Skills

Spend the first two-thirds of the program learning the essentials through written lectures, hands-on work, and commmunity & mentor-based help.

Get Job Prep

Spend the last third of the program going through mock interviews, preparing your personal UX portfolio, and working directly towards your career goals with our network of expert design mentors.

Advance Your Career

Our goal is to help you land your first job in UX design and kickstart the next exciting chapter of your career.

In a matter of months, we'll help you develop a thorough foundation in design theory & tools, while creating your own portfolio that demonstrates your expertise to employers. You'll get continual feedback on your work from expert mentors, connect with other students in our online community, and practice with mock interviews.
Get that dream job you deserve.

Get personalized mentorship from an expert designer

Designlab mentors are top designers, hand-picked for their design excellence and top-notch communication skills. With written feedback on all your work and frequent Skype sessions, you'll be in great hands.

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Our comprehensive curriculum, vetted by industry professionals, will give you a thorough foundation in design to help you get ready for your first job.

Core Skill Training

We'll teach you the entire user experience design process, and help you build strong skills in each pillar of UX: from research, to ideation, to visual design, to prototyping and testing. You'll grow as a designer, developing your ability to communicate your design work, respectfully critique other designs, and more.

Job Prep

Once you've mastered the skills, we'll help you target the right companies and present your work in the best possible light.

Tools Training

Throughout the course, you'll practice working on projects with industry standard tools. You'll gain proficiency with the tools of your choice.

Build a portfolio that stands out

Over the course of our program, you'll work with your mentors to create a well-rounded portfolio that showcases your unique set of abilities.

Design your own portfolio site

Design a mobile app

Interaction design for a web app

Designlab Concierge works for you

Showcase your work to our network of companies who are on the lookout for junior designers. We'll connect you with great opportunities, and give you guidance on your portfolio, resume, and job search process to make sure you're on track. We'll work overtime to help you find your first role.

Pick a track that works for you

Structure the program around the unique constraints of your schedule. The total coursework and tuition are identical regardless of the track you choose.


40 hours

per week

12 Weeks

24 mentor sessions

Apr 10 - Jul 3


20 hours

per week

24 Weeks

24 mentor sessions

Apr 10 - Sep 25

Price: $2,799

Can I pay over time?

Yes — you can optionally pay for UX Academy in 3 or 6 monthly installments. If you opt for a payment plan, your total course price will be $2,999. You can decide your payment plan information once you apply and are accepted into the program.

What if I don't like it?

If you’re unsatisfied with the program within the first 2 weeks, you can cancel for a full refund. If you decide to cancel later on, we'll grant you a prorated refund.

Designlab UX Academy

  • Work with an expert design mentor
  • Connect with a community of peers
  • Create a stunning design portfolio
  • Network with hiring partners

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Have questions?

We've got you covered.


How is this different from your individual courses?

The UX Academy has significantly more content than any of our individual courses, and also includes an in-depth job prep curriculum. While our other classes give you a great background and foundation in various design topics, the goal of this program is to give you the comprehensive education and training you need to get your first job in the field.

What if I've already taken a course on Designlab?

You might notice that some of the topics in this curriculum are similar to other courses we offer. Not to worry — the material here is far more advanced, and you can spend extra time practicing with in-depth projects if you already have foundational knowledge.

What are the portfolio projects?

You'll work on a series of projects, both mobile and web, that will simulate real-world projects you'll see as a designer. Examples include: designing a landing page; doing research for and designing a mobile app, end-to-end; redesigning the checkout flow for an e-commerce site, and more. In addition, you can customize your portfolio with your own capstone projects.

Can I customize the curriculum in any way?

Yes — you'll work with your mentors to choose specific capstone projects that are customized to your abilities and intended areas of focus.


How does mentoring work?

Think of your mentor as your personal senior design, coach and career advisor, all in one. Your mentor will leave online written feedback on all your work, and connect with you over regularly-scheduled video conferencing sessions. They'll help answer any and all questions, challenge your thinking, and push you to be great. There's no better way to learn design than to work with an expert!

What does the online community consist of?

We believe it's best to learn with (and from) peers. UX Academy offers a vibrant online community.

  1. A thriving Slack community where you can exchange feedback, comments, and advice with fellow students.
  2. In each unit, you get the chance to critique fellow student's work, and get feedback on your own submissions.
  3. Weekly Group Crits where you can meet other students, talk about that week's assignments, practice your presentation skills, and discussion based critique over video.

Do I only get one mentor?

The course is divided into two phases — the first phase is focused on design thinking and skills development through topic focused modules (user research, IXD, prototyping etc.), and the second phase is focused on capstone work and portfolio-building. In each phase, you'll have a dedicated mentor who gives you tactical feedback and design critique on your work, helping you improve your projects and develop your skills. Full-time students work with one dedicated mentor throughout the program, and part-time students work with a different dedicated mentor in each phase.

In addition to this weekly 1:1, there are weekly group critiques with other students and open mentor office hours for additional support on-demand. The goal of this diverse support network is to give you multiple points of view, get practical experience presenting and defending your work, and access to different areas of expertise from our roster of excellent design mentors!

Hiring & Job Prep

What kind of jobs will I be ready for when I'm done?

Our program trains you to be industry ready for your first position as a UI/UX designer, capable of taking on responsive web and mobile product work.

What does your hiring network consist of?

We have partnerships with a number of great companies in the tech world, who are looking to hire excellent designers. Our partners have signed up to get a closer look at Designlab graduates for positions they're currently hiring for.

How many mock interviews do I get?

You'll get 2 mock interviews with different designers in our mentor network, which includes experts from places like Facebook, Twitter, and more. With expertise ranging from agencies to startups to big companies, our mentor network is truly unique.

How does the job prep work?

Our job prep curriculum walks you through how to navigate the world of design — how to prep a great portfolio, how to excel at design interviews, how to defend your work in design critiques. The rest of our curriculum prepares you to excel at design craftsmanship — the job prep curriculum will help you feel ready to tackle the “business” side of design.

Timing & Policies

How do the tracks work?

You'll opt in to one of our timed "tracks" — either full-time (40 hours a week), or part-time (20 hours a week).

You commit to the track you choose throughout the course, and the coursework is chunked into “weeks” of work depending on the track you've picked. We’ll provide a course calendar in the dashboard to monitor progress and view upcoming/expected deadlines.

If you ever fall behind, we'll send you notifications and reminders to make sure you complete the course by the expected dates! If you can't keep up with your chosen track, you can either switch to a less-intensive track, move to a future cohort, or discontinue your participation and receive a pro-rated refund. We want to ensure that you succeed based on your course goals. You can read the full policies and fine print on what we expect from our UX Academy students and what we offer here UX Academy Policies.

How do I know which track is right for me?

Choose a track based on your schedule — are you looking to complete this program as soon as possible, and can you commit to a full-time pace?

Or, can you commit a solid chunk of time outside of your full-time job? In that case, the 20-hour/week track is likely the best choice.

An intensive course is the ideal format to help you quickly learn the skills you need to move forward.

This all sounds great, so what's the fine print?

We're really excited to help you change careers, and we're willing to put in the work to make it happen, but we understand that plans change and things happen. You can read the full policies and fine print on what we expect from our UX adacemy students and what we offer here UX Academy Policies.

I still have questions...

Want to find out more? Visit our Help Center, where we have dozens of FAQs answered. If you still have questions, send us an email at, or give us a call at 650.550.0909!

How do I apply? Are there any prerequisites?

Visit this FAQ to learn about next steps.

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