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Steven Villarino

Based in San Francisco, CA

User experience designer on mobile for Expedia.

Designer at


Recent Work

What students say

"Steven is an engaged, enthusiastic mentor who thinks critically about student work. He provides pointed feedback and tailors his suggestions to skill level and experience. "

- Stefanie Schwemlein, Design 101 v1

"From a feedback perspective, Steven was helpful when we had a chance to talk over the phone. The exercises weren't quite was I was looking for and Steven helped me think about design in ways that were more applicable to my needs. "

- Nikhil Daftary, Design 101 v1

"Steven has been an incredibly supportive and encouraging mentor. He gives thoughtful and detailed feedback which has helped me grow as a designer. Thanks Steven!"

- Tiffany Huang, Design 101 v1

"Steven was awesome! Very friendly and gave lots of really great feedback. He taught me a lot and was always willing to share his thoughts and help guide me to being a better designer. I can tell he really is mentoring because he likes to help people to be better designers. Cannot say enough great things!"

- Alicia Jackson, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Arlene Razon

Sunnyvale, California

Hema Pillay

Foster City, California

Lauren Meeler

San Diego, CA

Tony Huang

Seattle, Washington

Kate Dunn

brooklyn, NY

valeria lemus

san bernardino, ca

Angela Bortone

Stockbridge, Ga

Stephanie Kim


Rachel Bury

Austin, TX

Mindy Ricketts

Boulder, CO

Luis Mendoza

Forest Hill, Tx

Stefanie Schwemlein

San Francisco, California

Randall Cloud

Centerville, UT

Nikhil Daftary

Denver, CO

Masa Zokaei

Los Angeles, CA

John Sanchez

Seattle, Washington

Alicia Schneider

Buffalo, NY

Alana Black

Bethesda, MD

Volha Muzychuk

San Francisco, CA

Marianne Medlang

Seattle, WA

Bobbi-Jo Niemi

Portland, Oregon

Melanie Hendrix

Pittsburgh, PA

Alicia Jackson

St Peters, Mo

Ashley Washington

New York, NY

Wendy Pei

Oakland, CA

Mandy Eike

Hobson, MT

Tiffany Huang

Los Angeles, California

Neal Adolph Akatsuka

Somerville, MA

Ashita Achuthan

Cupertino, CA

Jonah Rogin

Seattle, WA

Jasmine Mann

Seattle, WA

Thanh Tran

San Francisco, CA

Chris Palmer

Carmel, IN

Ryan Bent

Dallas, Texas