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Shyamala Prayaga

Based in Michigan

Passionate UX Evangelist with a track record in defining, designing and delivering user experiences for RIA, Websites and Mobile Applications.

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What students say

"Shyamala has been an amazing mentor! I really appreciate that she is always candid in her feedback and that she supplies me with her expert level advice on how to improve my designs. "

- Sarah Winslow, Design 101

"Shyamala was truly wonderful to work with. She did her best to motivate me and help me through my lessons. As a total novice with zero experience using the tools needed for completing the assignments, she tried to guide me the best she could. I highly recommend anyone out there to work with her. Best, KC"

- KC, Design 101

"Shyamala was an amazing mentor. As a UX designer, I needed someone who really knew UX already but knew design too and she was perfect. Thank you for everything! "

- Allieson Serd, Design 101

"Shyamala was very helpful and knew a lot about the design process, terminology and best practices. She was always insightful and positive"

- Rahul Nihalani, Design 101

Past Students

Rey Tolento

Corpus Christi, TX

Sarah Hauser

Denver, Colorado

Sarah Winslow

Pineville, NC

robin bajaj

mississauga, ON

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Lafayette, CA

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South Salt Lake, UT

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Liberty Lake, WA

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Brooklyn, NY

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Rainier, WA

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Vancouver, BC

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Tigard, Oregon

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Mountain View, California

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Port Coquitlam, BC

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Baltimore, MD

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Fairlight, Australia

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Holmdel, NJ


Oakland, CA

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Palo Alto, California

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Richmond, BC

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Orange, CA

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Mountain View, CA

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New Orleans, LA

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San Francisco, California

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Portland, OR

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San Antonio, TX

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Silver Spring, MD



Rahul Nihalani

San Francisco, California

Jason Lopez

Fairway, KS

George Liu

Markham, Ontario

Cassie Koomjian

Seattle, WA