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Sheta Chatterjee

Based in San Francisco, CA

I'm a multidisciplinary product designer who loves solving challenging and impactful design problems.

Product Designer at


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What students say

"Sheta was great. She was really informative and gave me a lot of great feedback that helped me get better as I continued the course."

- Steven Tonthat, Design 101 v1

"Sheta was an awesome mentor! She took time out of her lunch to meet with me once a week because that's what fit best in my schedule. She always answered my questions thoughtfully and gave great constructive crits and advice for improvement. "

- Amy Mohr, Design 101 v1

"Sheta was absolutely wonderful! She helped me think about design in different ways and gave useful constructive feedback. I would 100% recommend her to anyone learning design!"

- Felicia Myers, Design 101 v1

"Sheta was an amazing mentor for me. Since the first session I learned a lot from her. She helped me with links, resources, feedback and most important, on how to think as a designer. I really think I have improved my designer skills and much of that I owe to Sheta. "

- anderson leite, Design 101 v1

"Sheta was a great mentor. She offered a lot of good advice, feedback, and resources throughout the course. "

- Johnny Hu, Design 101 v1

"Sheta was a great mentor because she not only provided feedback on my assignments, she reviewed wireframes I was doing for another project, and she spent most of one of our live sessions answering my questions about how the design process worked at her company. She pushed me to improve my Designlab assignments, and I was able to iterate often -- sometimes through 2 cycles on a single assignment."

- Rebecca Kidd, UX: Interaction Design

Past Students

Kelli Kreiter

Bothell, Washington

Vasumathi Balan

Gelugor, Penang

Phil Haddad

Pittsburgh, PA

Steven Tonthat

Honolulu, HI

Amanda Abelove

lawndale, California

Oscar Fonseca

Escondido, CA

Rita Casaverde

Atascadero, CA

Amy Mohr

Chicago, Illinois

Felicia Myers


Vince Saseniuk

Winnipeg, MB

Shafiq Marediya

Spring, Texas

Enam Arnaud Ayivi

Fremont, CA

Alastair Lambo Jr

Cebu, Cebu

Emily Blumenfeld

Washington, DC, DC

Arika V

San Francisco, California

anderson leite

San Francisco, CA

Ashita Achuthan

Cupertino, CA

Kevin Pamaran

Northridge, CA

Johnny Hu

San Francisco, CA

John Dulay

San Francisco, CA

Yan Li


Chelsie Chan

Walnut Creek, CA

Rebecca Kidd

Oakland, CA - California

Ryan Kerin

San Jose, CA