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Sara Vilas Santiago

Based in Amsterdam

As Head of Curriculum and Mentorship at Designlab, Sara leads our internal efforts with new curriculum for our courses, as well as recruiting and training mentors. Previously she was a Creative Director and spent her time working with over 100 large international FinTech clients. On the side she continues to consult through Toptal, mentors Designlab students, and reads late into the night.

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What students say

"Sara was my mentor during the first phase of Designlab's UX Academy. During that time, she shared her expansive knowledge of UX and shared real life examples that she experienced to allow me to understand the how UX works in the business world. She was a great motivator and really helped push me outside of my comfort zone. Sara's guidance and passion for sharing her knowledge of UX allowed me to become more confident in understanding UX/UI and how to deliver a polished product that I could be proud of. For anyone taking this program, Sara is one of the most motivating mentors that I have come across!"

- Steve Le, UX Academy

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Sarasota, FL

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Montreal, QC

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San Francisco, CA

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Astoria, NY

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Seattle, WA

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boston, Massachusetts

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