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Ray Mosley

Based in Manchester, UK

Currently Exec Product Manager for Interactive TV at the BBC in the UK. I was previously a Creative Director within the same organisation. I have a strong background in working on digital design, development and strategy for large and small clients around the world. I have also worked in smaller agencies as well as large 15,000 strong organisations. I thrive on building strong teams.

Executive Product Manager at


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What students say

"Ray is very knowledgeable and passionate about UX Research. His advice has been extremely valuable in helping me make decisions and move forward on the personal projects that I'm working on."

- Salima Donovan, UX Research & Strategy

"All good ;)"

- Nina Fitton, UX: Interaction Design

"Ray was great. Extremely knowledgeable and with a great deal of experience. He was also extremely helpful and flexible with scheduling. Pretty much made the course worthwhile for me."

- Pedro Azevedo, UX: Interaction Design

Past Students