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Poyi Chen

Based in San Francisco, CA

Senior UX Designer living in San Francisco Bay Area.

Designer at


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What students say

"Was originally concerned about how much I would get out of having a mentor, until I had my first 1:1 session. The 1:1s were very helpful. I feel that this course requires self-drive to be able to get good value from it, and Poyi always reciprocated my questions and curiosity with even more information and ideas for me to learn."

- Matt Oates, Design 101 v1

"Great to work with and very flexible with time."

- Joe Fullman, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Colin Cooper

Austin, TX


Milpitas, CA

Shelly Phu

La Jolla, ca

Ben Morrison

Brandon, Florida

Kal Kaloyanov

Downers Grove, Illinois

Yoon Shin

New York, New York

Erika Harano

Chicago, IL

Calia Williams

Miramar, FL

Anastasia Munsell

Venice, CA

Karen Wong

Seattle, Washington

Christina Ramos

Sacramento, CA

Dalrae Kim

Milpitas, California

Stacy Taylor

Ellensburg, Washington

Jasmine Liu

Richmond, British Columbia

Tiffany Huang

Los Angeles, California

Kim Pawlowski

Worcester, MA

Gavin Basuel

Bothell, WA

Shannon Rae

Erlanger, KY

Aaron Smith

Bellevue, WA

Margarita Zosa

San Francisco, ca

Nicole Danna

Berkeley, CA

Matt Oates

Mountain View, CA

Luis U. Kentzler

Mexico City, Mexico

Zach Cheng

Singapore, Singapore

Joe Fullman

New York, New York

Nora Tarano

Menlo Park, CA