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Paige Saez

Based in Oakland, CA

Designer. I love bicycles, CSS, hip-hop and critical theory.

Design Director at

Little Cities/Makerlab

Recent Work

What students say

"Paige has been great! She has provided helpful constructive criticism on my work, and I feel I know more than I did when I started about design and about user experience basics. Paige provided some useful tips for how I can continue to add to my nascent knowledge. She has had thoughtful answers to my questions and I've enjoyed speaking with her during the mentor sessions. I would recommend Paige!"

- Kate, Design 101 v1

"I loved working with Paige! She was responsive, encouraging, and insightful. I hope we stay in touch after the course."

- Tiff Ting, UX Research & Strategy

"positive and very supportive. thank you Paige"

- Giovanna Tuccori, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Shuang Han Ling

Long Island City, NY

Stacy Taylor

Ellensburg, Washington

Tiff Ting

San Francisco, CA

Amanda Junco

Brooklyn, NY


Ashland, VA

Giovanna Tuccori

San Mateo, California

Kristen Stotts

San Francisco, CA