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Patrick Multani

Based in Berlin

I am here to help by listening actively, asking questions and giving feedback. I started to design 14 years ago. I am focussed on creating usable, desirable and beautiful products. I love synergy: 1 + 1 = 11!

UX Generalist at


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What students say

"Patrick is a fantastic mentor! He challenges me to design better and provides thorough and actionable feedback. He’s very knowledgeable and gives me guidance on how these principles are applicable in the real world."

- Winnie Lau, Design 101

"Patrick is a very helpful and competent tutor. He helped me both with the course works and my personal projects, by making me able to recognise and fix some mistakes I made. It was great to ask for his advices."

- Federica Pisuttu, UI Design

"Really enjoyed my feedback sessions with Patrick. His feedback and analysis gave me an insight into how a designer thinks through a project. His questions made me think about my own design decisions, explain them and iterate on the assignments. He gave me many ideas to approach a problem when I was stuck, and also shared many resources for me to explore further. I hope to stay in touch because there is lots to learn from him! Thanks Patrick!"

- Sindhumandari ., Design 101

"Patrick was super helpful and understanding. I wish this course were 2x as long, as I would love to have more of his feedback in a few weeks when I hope to have more time to keep working on some of these projects. Patrick was very flexible, gave me specific helpful resources and lots of encouragement. Vielen Dank :)"

- Elizabeth Kelen, Design 101

"Patrick likes to listen indeed :). He was very helpful with reviewing my projects and he always spotted the weak points. For a novice like myself, his help was invaluable and it made me look at design in a different manner. Thx!"

- Silvia Bogdan, Design 101

"Patrick was awesome. Very knowledgeable and attentive. I greatly enjoyed our sessions. He answered all of my questions and provided great feedback that I could incorporate into my designs."

- Shane Kittelson, Design 101

"Patrick was a fantastic mentor. I was worried that the time difference would be a big problem with my schedule but he was so generous with his time and able to be quite flexible. He was encouraging on the projects and in explaining processes. He also sent me additional videos to help explain the concepts I was having difficulty with. I really enjoyed working with him and would hope to have him as a mentor in another course. "

- Sandy Harned, UX Research & Strategy

"Patrick was an amazing mentor. He immediately commented on each submission I posted and was happy to give constructive feedback. The written and verbal feedback he provided has been invaluable to me. Thanks Patrick for helping me improve as a designer. "

- Zach Fichman-Klein, Branding

"Patrick is very helpful! He doesn't only provide feedback on how to improve but he asks questions to help guide you along the line of thinking. Even when I ask him very basic questions like how to do certain things on Illustrator he would share his screen and walk through examples and techniques with me. Patrick is great!"

- Amy Cen, Design 101

"Patrcik is a truly awesome mentor. He is not only a great listener, he always had good ideas as well. His comments were very valuable. He is also very well prepared. We had really good talks during our sessions. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to develop her/his UX design knowledge and skills."

- Krisztina Szerovay, UX Research & Strategy

"Provided a lot of useful comments/feedback. "

- Peter Vey, Design 101

"I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. Always positive. Always pushing me to do better. His voice will live on in my mind as a positive influence well beyond this class."

- Adam Shaylor, Design 101

"Great mentor. He asked me my design process carefully and gave me great suggestions. Thanks!"

- Jun Usui, Design 101

"It was great to have Patrick as a mentor during my Research and Strategy course. He was always opened to answer my questions and send constructive feedback to projects developed during the course. Every Skype session worked out pretty well I think, with rich discussions and great inputs from his own experience in the market. Thanks very much for your help, Patrick!"

- Florença Fantinel, UX Research & Strategy

"Patrick was very attentive and always fed back on my coursework. He was a pleasure to chat with during our mentor sessions and gave me some really good tips and guidance. I really hope to stay in touch with him and maybe pick his brains occasionally along my UX journey."

- Martyn Mcdermott, UX Research & Strategy

"Patrick is a wonderful mentor. I like how he always pushed me to think beyond where I was thinking. This class connected a lot of dots for me, I loved it. Having the live mentor component makes this a great experience."

- Upma Singh, UX Research & Strategy

"Excellent Mentor!!"

- Andy Min, Branding

"Patrick was super supportive, gave awesome feedback, and if I was having trouble with concepts, he took the time to explain things in a way I could easily understand."

- Derek Barnes, UX Research & Strategy

"Patrick is very thoughtful and informative, I enjoyed having him as my mentor. "

- Maria Isabel Bances, UX Research & Strategy

"It's been great to have had Patrick as my mentor. Thoroughly enjoyed the Skype sessions we've had and felt they've been great space for learning, discussing and just enjoying chatting design! He's challenged me to look beyond my current work cycle and explore different ones which have improved my designs and the process and given me a confidence and affirmed my enjoyment designing."

- Nigel Doughty, Design 101

"Thanks a lot, your help and insights was invaluable!"

- Grigory Petrov, Design 101

"Very helpful. Clear with his feedback, and supportive and encouraging in the way he gives his feedback. He's also added to my knowledge by pointing out very insightful things to enhance the work, using his direct design experience."

- Steve Oliver, UX Research & Strategy

"Excellent at conceptual thinking and developing concepts "

- Ibrahim B, Branding

"Patrick was great, would highly recommend him to other students that might be interested in the program. "

- jernej horvat, UX: Interaction Design

"Patrick was an amazing mentor! He was very smooth in his guidance and I was really lucky having him as a mentor!"

- Nikiforos Kollaros, UX Research & Strategy

"Sehr guter Mentor. Ich habe viel gelernt. "

- Diana Kurek, Design 101

"Challenged me to improve and start to think differently about design. "

- Helen Gordon, Design 101

"Great mentor, no complaints"

- Tom Sutton, Design 101

"Patrick was an excellent Mentor thru my course. In our 1-1 sessions we were able to exchange experiences, and discuss about the course and the work I was doing each week. With his help I was able to learn a lot! "

- Gregory Milani, UX Research & Strategy

"Patrick is the perfect mentor with his positive attitude. He organizes our meetings with care, and also makes detailed comments that push me to see and think more."

- Gökçe Altun, UX: Interaction Design

"Patrick was a great mentor, always quick to reply, with helpful insight and with a lot of empathy!"

- Jose Salguero, Design 101

"Patrick always pushed me to see for myself and search for solutions using the design concepts I was being thought, providing guidance and unlocking situations when needed. As a result I learnt how to identify, analyze and fix broken designs done by me or others."

- Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons, Design 101

Past Students

Gunnar Fornes

Oslo, Norway

Akintola Marke

Lithonia, Georgia

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Pompano Beach, FL

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Flushing, Ny

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Brick, NJ

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Berlin, N/A

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Emily Mussard

Königsmoos, BY

Syed Rahman

Scarsdale, NY

Sindhumandari .

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Amanda Brown

West Footscray, Victoria

Krisztina Szerovay

Budapest, Budapest

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Long Island City, NY

Nick Papirniy

Marina del rey, CA

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Fort Wayne, IN

Jonathan Woo

Matawan, NJ

Bader Al-Mal

Yokohama, Kanagawa

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Daniel Danilatos

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Derek Barnes

Regina, SK

Jessica Liu


Maria Isabel Bances

Victoria, British Columbia

Martyn Mcdermott

Brighton, East Sussex

Mckee Frazior

Kingwood, Texas

Nilu Senevi

London, London

Giorgos Gavriil

Athens, Attica

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Kiev, Ukraine