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Conor Muirhead

Based in Spokane, WA

Designer at Basecamp. Also working on a better way to budget.

Designer at


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What students say

"The mentor aspect of this course is the most valuable thing, in my opinion. What really makes Conor a great mentor is that he took the time to critique my work, ask questions regarding my process, made me think about why I was doing things, and was genuine in his feedback. He has a unique perspective on design and I really like his style. "

- Christian Whitesides, Design 101

Past Students

Christian Whitesides

Cedar Hills, Utah

Melina Shak

Seattle, WA

Jen Humphries

Berkeley, California

Gheorghe Uritu

Tempe, AZ

Shilpa Misra

Katy, TX

Arlene Razon

Sunnyvale, California

Brady Huynh

Rosemead, CA

Anais Marquez