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Mike Arndt

Based in San Francisco

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What students say

"Mike has been a great mentor. The best part of the course has been submitting assignments, getting feedback from Mike, and then doing a second or third revision. He's constantly pointing out ways that I can make my work better, and after reading his feedback or talking to him during one of our sessions I actually feel like I understand the material better and that I can avoid the same mistakes the next time I'm designing something."

- Joey Schoblaska, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Andrew Livoni

Asheville, NC

Shuang Han Ling

Long Island City, NY

Andrew Larsen

Portland, OR

Jonathan Williamson

Lewisville, TX

Alan Sanchez




Joey Schoblaska

Chicago, IL

Daniel Fukuba

San Francisco, California

Nick Aiwazian

San Francisco, CA

Josh Garbarino

San Francisco, CA