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Michael Brooks Jr

Based in Chattanooga, TN

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer and Designer at Spire.

Chief Product Officer at

Spire Labs Inc.

Recent Work

What students say

"Great! Very knowledgeable and supportive."

- Joe Otter, Branding

"Thoughtful, flexible, and helpful throughout the course. I enjoyed his guidance. Hope to stay in touch as I continue my design projects, and the UX course."

- Joseph Guerra, Design 101

"Michael had insightful and useful comments. He was very approachable and friendly."

- Juliana Strambeanu, UX: Interaction Design

"Michael offered useful and constructive criticism. Further, his advice was clear and backed up by reasonable points. Really enjoyed working with him. "

- Jeff Mathew, Design 101

"We were only able to schedule a few short conversations but I enjoyed every minute of them. He was thoughtful and helpful."

- Alex Sauer-Budge, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Charlie Li

Cupertino, CA

Rebecca Li

Toronto, Ontario

Terry Zhao

Alameda, CA

Jami Bencito

Nashville, TN

Eileen Tran

Walnut, CA

Tiffany Olay

Santa Clarita, CA

Mandy Strohm

Nashville, TN

Erika Harano

Chicago, IL

Jamie Chow

Vancouver, British Columbia

Chen Yao

los angeles, CALIFORNIA

Adrian Yablin

Brooklyn, New York

Joe Otter

Indianapolis, IN

Edward Salonga

San Francisco, CA

Emily Taylor

Brooklyn, NY

Elise Lefteriou

Watertown, MA

Darryl Grier

Cleveland, Ohio

Kevin Gollehon

Brooklyn, NY

Dan Ugelow

Jericho, NY

Danny Seng

Kearny, NJ

Sara Givens

Colorado Springs, CO

Ashley Davis

Mebane, NC

Conor Boylan

Brooklyn, NY

Katherine Weatherly

Charleston, SC

Shira Westrich

Teaneck, NJ

Joseph Guerra

Fort Mill, SC

Pearl Kaplan

Atlanta, GA

Victoria Tow

Monroe Township, NJ

Vanessa Trawicky

Suwanee, Georgia (GA)

Meka Hayes

Charlotte, NC

Dana Thomas

Detroit, MI

Chris Portela

Pompano Beach, FL

Sean Fields

Falls Church, VA

Jean Kaluza

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Chris Chilcoat

Frederick, MD

Andrea Airall

Alpharetta, GA

C. Todd Lombardo

Somerville, MA

Ryan Yen

Avon, CT

Amanda Heironimus

Raleigh, NC

Greg Hoffman

Smithtown, NY

Gilbert B.

San Jose, California

Vladimir Fleurima

Brooklyn, NY

Jeff Vadukumcherry

Glenview, Illinois

Seth Lieberman

Middleport, NY

Juliana Strambeanu

TORONTO, ON, Ontario

Emma Sims

New York, NY

Emily Bergeron

Toronto, ON

Angela Craig

Brooklyn, NY

Nik Abraham

New York, NY

lahwran -

Sandy, Utah

Alex Sauer-Budge

Waltham, MA

Jose Aponte

Brookline, MA

Randy Valis

Hampstead, MD

Jeff Mathew

Ellicott City, MD

Jennifer Korman

St. Louis, MO

Joaquin Soto

Hialeah, FL

Curt Merrill

Decatur, GA

Clement Cazalot

Cambridge, MA