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Kieran Black

Based in Gold Coast, Australia

I'm a designer working in Australia for an automotive startup. With 8 years of experience in graphic and digital design, I have been able to work alongside great companies like Adobe and InVision. I have also managed design teams and mentored people trying to make the jump from a graphic designer into a digital designer.


Recent Work

What students say

"Kieran is an excellent mentor - easy to talk to, open to discussing any subject (even when I'm WAAYYY off topic!), helpful, intelligent, experienced and very diplomatic in his feedback. He's also been extraordinarily patient with my 'random walk' approach to the course, which I really appreciate."

- Kylie Stedman Gomes, Design 101

"I find kieran to be a very good mentor!"

- Tania Chan, Branding

Past Students

Lisa Edwards

St Simons Island, Georgia

Sam Ting

Stirling, SA

Carlos Castro

tempe, Arizona

Kevin Chung

Springfield, VA

Holly Nava

Castle Rock, Co

Taylor Barmore

berkeley, ca

Danielle Hershco

Oceanside, New york

Claire Leyton

Baltimore, Md

Vicky Jamieson

Woollahra, NSW

Winona Li


Peter Crane

Christchurch, Canterbury

Valeria Velez

Sydney, NSW

Victor Cui

Auckland, CBD

Rustam Baltabaev

Brooklyn, NY

Vinson Gotingco

Irvine, CA

Liam Robertson

Sydney, NSW

Melissa Flores

temecula, California

Isobel Thomas

New Lambton Heights, NSW

Caleb East

Gold Coast, QLD

Cynthia Hoang

Clifton, VA

Aileen Baylon

Toronto, ON

Jason Lopez

Fairway, KS

Jamie Davis

Louisville, CO

Jennell Lewis

Austin, TX-Texas

Kim Pawlowski

Worcester, MA

Mandy York

Perth, WA

Sinead Stafford

St. Kilda, VIC

Jared Sager

Gold Coast, QLD