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Katie Conforti

Based in Oakland

Prize-winning designer turned developer, loves geeking out about her work, enjoys drinking coffee (especially if it's free), and has way too many cats decorating her desk.

Front-end Developer at


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What students say

"knowledgeable and easy to work with."

- Kassim Alwakeel, Design 101

"Good helped me learn many things in illustrator"

- Priyadarshini Dutta, Design 101

"Katie was great. She is very knowledgable and helped me a lot with the projects as well as help with projects outside of the coursework. She was also very flexible when I needed to reschedule a meeting. "

- Jennifer Stein, Design 101

"Katie is AMAZING!!! She is so nice and was awesome to work with. As someone that was new working with Adobe photoshop, Katie was extremely helpful in teaching me how to work with the program and gave me advice with better ways I can be using it. As for my work, Katie was wonderful and gave excellent and honest constructive feedback which gave my work an incredible professional looking finish. I would reccommend Katie to ANYONE! Thank you Katie and DesignLab for such an awesome experience."

- Heather Hewko, Design 101

"Katie was great! She provided constructive criticism and really helpful suggestions!"

- Rebecca Bar-Eli, Design 101

"Katie was a really fantastic mentor. From day one she sent additional resources for me to look at that were specific to the types of projects I wanted to work on. She was quick to offer feedback on my projects and offered really personalized advice. I wasn't expecting to get that much attention and it was really nice to have our check-ins once a week. i learned a ton from her and it was overall a really positive experience!"

- Katie M, Design 101

"Katie's an awesome tutor! She's super friendly, and gives really detailed feedbacks on my projects. Under mentorship, I also gained confidence, which is exactly what I needed before I begin UX Academy. Thank you, Katie and Designlab! :) "

- Julie Wu, Design 101

"She was fantastic and flexible with accomodating my needs."

- Ashley Hanna, Design 101

"I enjoyed working with Katie. She gave me useful feedback and had great creative ideas of her own that she shared with me. "

- Alexandra Devendra, Branding

"Katie was amazing. She gave me clear encouraging feedback so there was no misunderstand or confusion. She was very inviting from the start and I always looked forward to the next session. "

- Sean Hayden, Design 101

Past Students

Aditi Dewan

Eagleville, PA

Jeanette Tran

Lanham, MD

Keith Grout

Costa Mesa, CA

Zita Rovó

San Diego, CA

Kim Wang

Southfield, MI

Emma Nadolny

Seattle, WA

Sarah McEwing

Portland, Oregon

Jamie Eula Evangelista

San Francisco, CA

Mai Lubega

San Diego, CA

Lillian Chen

Hayward, CA

Joel Castro

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Robyn Bautista

San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Stein

Hampstead, North Carolina

Maddie Williams

Chapel Hill, NC

Julia Yu

San Francisco, California

Travis Gilmore


Peter Cho

Nottingham, MD

Jeremy Lu

Arlington, VA

Piper Rose

denver, Colorado

Sayed Hamdani

Arlington, va

Chantel Stavick

Lincoln, Nebraska

Kylie Sirico

Brooklyn, NY

Rebecca Bar-Eli

Flushing, New York

Gloria Sindell

Seattle, Washington

Laura Shah

East Brunswick, NJ

Heather Hewko

Stamford, CT

Nick Chivers

Chicago, IL

Margaret Bamgbose

Stevensville, MI

Justin Thiel

Colorado Springs, CO

Kamille Vales

Los Angeles, CA

Krid Fung

Houston, TX

Lindsey Arwine

Dallas, Texas

Natalie Burk

Dallas, Texas

Vivek Kumar

Singapore, Singapore

Ying Chen

Bridgewater, NJ

Jibril Abdul

Richardson, Tx

Mark Looney

Ames, Iowa

Nathan Crowther

Provo, UT

Tyler Wong

Walnut, CA

Leon Li


Stephanie Bates


Ashley Hanna


Nitya Mallikarjun

Palo Alto, CA

Rashidah Richard

Brentwood, TN

Somaly Nuth

Tustin, CA

Christina Ramos

Sacramento, CA

Niki Grewal

Austin, Texas

Annabelle Tsai

Castro Valley, CA

Spencer Liechty

Portland, Oregon (OR)

Morgan Keys

Mountain View, CA

Aparna Bhat

Oakland, CA

Alexandra Devendra

Portland, OR

Raliat Akinlolu

Houston, TX-Texas

Shay Hewa

Escondido, CA

Vivian Luc

Surrey, BC

Philip Pan

Castro Valley, CA

Jennifer Shen

Daly City, California

Sean Hayden

San Francisco, California

Karen Wong

Seattle, Washington

Isabela Ibanez

New York, NY

Sarah Grefalda

Renton, WA

Vivian Lu

Syracuse, New York

Rustam Baltabaev

Brooklyn, NY

Tara Larsen

Lafayette, CA

Ash G

San Francisco, California

William Ng

San Francisco, CA

Gaurav Maken

Seattle, WA