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Thomas Jockin

Based in Brooklyn, NY

Typeface Designer. Organizer of TypeThursday.Clients include Starbucks, Foot Locker, and Express

Typeface Designer at


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What students say

"Thomas asked me bigger conceptual questions to get me out of digging through the weeds and instead see the bigger picture. He guided the conversation along the way and was really a great professional mentor."

- Hannah Weiner, Branding

"He was very professional, quite punctual and very approachable. I really enjoyed our mentor sessions."

- Margarita Garcia-Walsh, Typography

"Thomas is an awesome Mentor. Love the way he explained things. He gave me valuable feedback, tips and advice that had really upped my game in my design work. Also a super cool guy to meet!"

- Robert Muresian, Typography

"Thomas was absolutely amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable and very good at explaining exactly what I need. He really made this class fun and informative all the way through! "

- Michael Bowling, Typography

"Thanks for being supportive, responsive and all around awesome. I looked forward to and absolutely enjoyed our sessions, you gave great advice tailored to my needs and helped me grow more than I thought possible during this course! Thanks, Thomas!"

- Stephanie LP, Typography

"Very personable and knowledgeable. He brings a wealth of historical and practical knowledge to the table for each session. Very happy with the match up."

- Cecily Mullen, Typography

"Thomas was a great mentor. We connected right away and found common interests that we enjoyed talking about each week. His feedback on my projects always taught me something new that I hadn't gleaned from the reading. "

- Alexandra Devendra, Typography

"Thomas was a great mentor for the branding course! He shared his experience in design, branding, and typography throughout the entire course. He was very helpful in the review of assignments and provided additional helpful resources. Thomas was a thoughtful and helpful mentor who asked the right questions to get assignments on track. He is a great teacher, I learned a lot and had a fun time in the process!"

- Pearl Kaplan, Branding

"Best Mentor Ever! Really glad I took the class and got to meet Thomas learn a lot from him!"

- Mayra Partida , Design 101 v1

"Thomas has been very helpful during this course. He game me lots of good advice for learning and improving my design work. "

- Monica Han, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Alpha Ip

Port Coquitlam, BC

Margarita Garcia-Walsh

Cahir, Tipperary

Nas H


Gerardo Zegarra

Hollywood, FL

Natasha Khan

Brossard, Quebec

Michael Reyes

Alameda, CA

Michael Bowling

Chicago, IL

Kimberly Pecache

Los Angeles, CA

Sam Kirson

Denver, Colorado

Kimi Jackson

Dulwich hill, NSW

Darius Bowling

Atlanta, Georgia

Derek Palmer

Ithaca, NY

Zachary Jacques

Ithaca, New York

Stephanie LP

Salt Lake City, Utah

Danielle Thorpe

Christ Church, N/A

Katie Nylaan

Allendale, MI

Cecily Mullen

Reston, Virginia

Alexandra Devendra

Portland, OR

Kyle Shanyn

Gurnee, IL - Illinois

Misty Shaw

Long Beach, CA

Pearl Kaplan

Atlanta, GA

Kate Hofstra

Brooklyn, New York

Doug Sherk

Mississauga, ON

Jen Ahearn

Annapolis, MD

Luke Delalio

Valley Stream, NY

Morgan Parker

Burlington, MA

Ellen Bullard

Pendleton, South Carolina

Monica Han

Toronto, ON

Yeshu Munshi

Gaithersburg, MD

Kevin Rezvani

Montclair, NJ

Gelsey Torres

philadelphia, PA

Rhyan Vargas

Lutherville Timonium, MD

Kathryn Dnistrian

Philadelphia, PA