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Nina Lee

Based in Tokyo

I am a UI Designer who loves to improve user experience in different kinds of services. In 2016, starting my phD program in NCKU ID in order to achieve deeper practice of experience research about design / IT education for children.I can speak both English and Chinese in session.I am currently in Tokyo for visiting research program.

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What students say

"Nina is very nice and patient. She is an experienced mentor and could explain things very well. She not only gave me lots of good advice on my coursework but also provide some useful supplementary materials. She catered to my needs of making my portfolio as well. Communication with her is always easy and smooth. "

- Lu Yang, UX Research & Strategy

"Nina is very knowledgeable and shares deep understanding of UX as she guides me through the course. She even encouraged me to do extra projects such as persona and customer journey map which I appreciate very much. "

- Sammy Long, UX Research & Strategy

"Nina is very attending to help and gives good advice on my assignments. I learn much more than just the course content from her. I highly recommend Nina! She must be one of the best mentor!"

- Steven Lee, Design 101 v1

"Nina has been nothing short of being a great mentor. She's very resourceful and helpful. I've learnt a lot from her. It meant a lot to me when she told me that I can design and just needed to have more confidence in myself and the work I produce. Thanks for the past month and a half Nina! Would definitely want to keep in touch."

- Claudia Ong, Design 101 v1

"Ending the course with the last session and It was quite fruitful, as not only the feedbacks for the final project awesome and telling, but also when discussing about design in general, the links and tips shared were very relevant and useful. Thanks Nina!"

- James Cheng, Design 101 v1

"Nina is patient and professional. It's wonderful that we could communicate in Chinese. This made the session more efficient so that I could learn more from her. "

- Sophie Yang, Design 101 v1

"I really liked Nina's mentoring style. She was really helpful in pinpointing and explaining in simple terms what problems I had. Sometimes the Skype acted up and there were sound issues but overall it was all very smooth. She also helped tons with after course advice and extra reading so that was certainly a plus!"

- James Cheng, Design 101 v1

"She is wonderful and nice, with a great skill set in design. As a mentor, she is very active in giving feedbacks and transferring the knowledge in mentor skype session. It's a pleasure to work with her."

- Thai Nguyen, Design 101 v1

"Nina was very supportive and helpful giving feedback and during our sessions. She did research for me and gave me specialized materials related to my interests within design, and really cared about giving me feedback and advice that was helpful to me specifically. Our sessions were fun and helpful, and Nina was very flexible when we had schedule conflicts. I really felt that she wanted me to do well in this course and sincerely enjoyed my work. Thanks, Nina!"

- Stephanie LP, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Stephanie Lamb

San Jose, CA

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Shanghai, Shanghai

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Hong Kong, N/A

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Hong Kong, N/A

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Steven Lee

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Lu Yang

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Huang Tai Shun

Taipei City , Taipei City

Sammy Long

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James Cheng

Taichung City, Xitun Dist.

Sophie Yang

Beijing, Beijing

Junuk Lee

Bracken Ridge, QLD

Thai Nguyen

H? Chí Minh, H? Chí Minh

Claudia Ong

Singapore, SG

Stephanie LP

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Daejeon, ChunChungNamDo

Ping Ting Soh

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Mont-Royal, QC