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Ivana McConnell

Based in Vancouver, BC

I'm a UI/UX designer at Customer.io, trying to help businesses talk like people. My love for web, design, and code was sparked on Neopets, and these days I spend a lot of time thinking about the intersections of technology, identity, and data— and how they shape the products we build.

UI/UX designer at


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What students say

"Ivana was great. She gave very good feedback and she was very knowledgable."

- Jacob Covey, Design 101 v1

"Despite a busy schedule and personal health challenges, Ivana was available to help me focus on the right part of the project. I feel I am back on track. Thanks I."

- Christy den Haan-Veltman, UX Research & Strategy

"I could not have asked for a better mentor than Ivana. She was knowledgable and professional. She always tried her best to work with my hectic schedule, despite having a busy schedule herself. Her analytical, though provoking approach to mentoring resonated with my approach to learning perfectly. I sincerely believe this is the key to any course of study that involves subjective analysis, and Ivana totally nailed it. I would highly recommend her."

- Paul Martin, Design 101 v1

"Great communicator with vast knowledge on the topic"

- Solomon Ochola, UX Research & Strategy

"Ivana was really great at guiding me through each exercise, and the process as a whole. I really appreciated all the feedback that was provided."

- Claire Marsh, UX Research & Strategy

"Ivana has been great but the course seems lack the right kind of structure to help the mentor calls be most helpful. It might be good to have some prompts or sample agendas or something for both students and mentors to work off of."

- Caroline Walthall, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

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San Diego, CA

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Elizabeth, NJ

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Bronxville, NY

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San Jose, CA

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Los Angeles, California

Jose Mendoza

Cypress, Texas

Jack Floyd

Chicago, Illinois

Lilian Thanh Giang

san jose, California

Rory Burns

Missoula, MT

Zach Hudson

Kalamazoo, MI

Paul Martin

Springdale, AR

Solomon Ochola

Dallas, TX

Claire Marsh

San Francisco, California

Antonin Lapiche

San Francisco, CA