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Hendrika Makilya

Based in San Francisco, CA

I'm a California-based multidisciplinary creative with an emphasis on design as storytelling, UI, branding, and art direction.

Design/Art Direction

Recent Work

What students say

"Hendrika was very helpful and informative. She and I were both at opposite crossroads in our careers and I hope that I was able to help her half as much as she helped me. It was a pleasure working with Hendrika. "

- Taylor Muck, Design 101

"I was very lucky to be paired with Hendrika as my mentor for Design 101. She is very kind and easy to speak with. She was very encouraging as I made progress throughout the course and discussed my career ideas. She gave timely and constructive feedback. Her comments on my work were incredibly insightful and eye opening. "

- Tessa McWethy, Design 101

"Hendrika was excellent through-out - i've learnt valuable skills that I will take with me to the next stage of my career. Hendrika was happy to re-schedule for me, despite her own busy schedule, too. "

- David Jordan, Design 101

"I loved working with Hendrika! She provided detailed feedback that helped me improve my work. She was very encouraging and helpful. I'm a bit sad that we will have our last conversation on Saturday. "

- Edyta Niemyjska, Design 101

"She was organized, thoughtful and honest. Full of great suggestions. It was great working with her."

- Suzette Duncan, Design 101

"Hendrika was very helpful and understanding. She also went above and beyond with her advice on my projects and advice and experience professionally."

- Krystyana Greaves, Design 101

"Hendrika is focused and supportive. She offers honest, helpful criticism and tons of resources; she'll do anything to help assist you on your journey! Working with Hendrika has been a true pleasure. She's down to earth and always willing to listen. Hendrika gets a 5/5 from me! "

- Elena Knoll, Design 101

Past Students

Alpha Ip

Port Coquitlam, BC

Eli Johnerson

Pasadena, CA

Sara Kim

Belmont, CA

Lisa Lehrman

Castro Valley, CA

Bindi Patel

Corona, CA

Edyta Niemyjska

Montreal, QC

Emily Huang

Astoria, NY

Dennis Heaton

New York, NY

Rob Morgan

Albuquerque, NM

Krystyana Greaves

Ashland, MA

David Jordan

Manchester, N/A

Suzette Duncan

SUNNYVALE, California

Tessa McWethy

Northridge, CA

Amanda Bedsole

Irvine, CA

Kimberly Pecache

Los Angeles, CA

Sophie Zhou

San Francisco, CA

Anthony Gutierrez

San Luis Obispo, CA

Elena Knoll

Edison, NJ

Wendy Peña-Rojas

STAMFORD, Connecticut

Alice Kim

Alameda, CA