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Wren Lanier

Based in Durham, NC

I'm passionate about creating beautiful products. My work includes UX design, interface design, mobile UI, startups, Lean UX.

Sr Product Designer at

Windsor Circle

Recent Work

What students say

"Very helpful and informative!"

- Claire Sweet, UX: Interaction Design

"I enjoyed working with Wren. I was a bit nervous that video chatting would be difficult and awkward, but she was really easy to talk to. She was very insightful and gave me very good feedback and direction on my projects."

- Joe Graci, UX: Interaction Design

"She was really great. She taught me so much and gave me amazing resources on how to reach my short and long term design goals. I strongly recommend her"

- Peter Drew, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Claire Sweet

Hermitage, TN

Joe Graci

Brooklyn, NY

Marco Moreira

Waltham, MA

Meghan Hartman

Miami, FL

Lyra Yin

Troy, NY

Peter Drew

Niagara Falls, NY