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Francine Lee

Based in San Francisco, CA

Research + Design at Dropbox, Uber, Twitch. Learning all the things thanks to the Internet.

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What students say

"I couldn't imagine a better mentor. I had a great time and learned way more than I expected. Awesome job!! Thanks Francine!"

- Robert Hahn, Design 101

"Francine has been a wonderful mentor! She never fails to guide me in the right direction. She is also really good at getting me to think about problems in new ways. She made my designlab journey really fruitful and wonderful. I am really happy to have Francine as my mentor :D"

- Lakshmi Mani, UX Research & Strategy

"She is friendly and would help as much as possible. Great mentor, would love to have her as my mentor again!"

- Li Min Ong, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Stephanie Urruela

Mountain View, CA

Vijay Brihmadesam

New York, NY

Robert Hahn

Hemsbach, BW

Alejandro Leon

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Li Min Ong

Singapore, Singapore

Rose Marie Tan

Singapore, Singapore

Lakshmi Mani

Singapore, Singapore

Farbod Saraf

Nijmegen, Gelderland

San Jose, CA


Singapore, Singapore