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Fernando Silanes

Based in Santiago, Chile

Born in Argentina, 31 years ago. Now I live in Chile. I’ve worked as Visual/Interaction Designer, UX/UI Designer and Lead Designer for great people from San Francisco, London, Moscu, Dubai, Barcelona and more. I’ve been working and learning, during 10 years of career, the best way to create digital experiences, thinking in users needs and business goals.

UX/UI Designer at


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What students say

"Fernando was a really good mentor, helping me out and sharing a lot of his knowledge. He was patient and talked about all of my questions, even when they were about design itself and the market, not necessarily about the course. He went through all of my exercises and helped me to see my mistakes and my strong points. His tips and lessons helped a lot in my career objectives."

- Pedro Ribeiro, UX: Interaction Design

"Fernando is really knowledgable on design and actively shares experiences and processes"

- Anton Rose, Design 101 v1

"Always supportive and willing to share his knowledge. Thank you very much Fernando!"

- Javier Echenique, Design 101 v1

"Fantastic mentor! He was helpful, patient and explained everything clearly. "

- Gonzalo Sanchez Sarmiento, Design 101 v1

"Was always available to help and provided insightful feedbacks."

- Melina Camargo, UX Research & Strategy

"Fernando was a great teacher. Very knowledgeable, friendly and challenged me. I feel like he was the perfect match for me. "

- Jonathan Perez, Design 101 v1

"I really enjoyed my mentorship time with Fernando. His knowledge and skills became evident from our first meeting and I felt comfortable asking him for advice and guidance during our sessions. His feedback and support helped me improve my work and develop my skills in a reflectively short amount of time. "

- Joe Knox, Design 101 v1

"He is helpful, explains his thoughts very well, answers every question... and helped me see how interesting can UX design be. Sometimes he takes some time to answer, but we all have a life outside DesignLab :P"

- Ruben Alegre Dias, UX Research & Strategy

"Great support, analysis and advices about the content!"

- Ricardo Pareja, Design 101 v1

"Thank you Fernando!!!!"

- Roby Besly, Design 101 v1

"Fernando has been a fantastic mentor. Super knowledgeable and PATIENT! I have learned so much from him through his critique and thorough explanations. "

- Adrian Colchado, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Bjorn Vanhees

Hoeselt, Limburg

Pedro Ribeiro

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Anton Rose

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Angela Sanchez Mezquita

Alicante, Alicante

Javier Echenique

Santiago, RM

Ksenia Buzina

Oakland, California

Mauricio Uehara

São Paulo, SP

Gregory Milani

Sao Paulo, SP

Gonzalo Sanchez Sarmiento

Cordoba, Cordoba

Melina Camargo

Sao Paulo, SP

Jonathan Perez

ORLANDO, Florida

Rupa Chatterji

Denver, CO

Eric Hill

Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Bourne

Pine Grove Mills, Pa

Jason Lopez

Fairway, KS

Tannia Obregón

Miguel Hidalgo, DF

Alexis Santaella

Carolina, P.R.

Raisa Cabrera

Shaker Heights, Ohio

Andres Howard

Vitacura, Santiago, RM

Maria Yarotska

Odessa, 0

Carlos Rocha

Colima, Mexico

Héctor Muñoz

Puerto del Rosario, Las Palmas

Ruben Alegre Dias

Mafra, Lisboa, Lisboa

Samantha De Joya

San Francisco, California

Luciana Veiga

Foster City, CA

Saresa Smith

Detroit, mi

Sofia de la Cruz

Montreal, QC

Ricardo Pareja

Porto Alegre, RS

Yolanda Castro

Belo Horizonte, MG

Guillermo Guerrero

Madrid, Madrid

Adrian Colchado

Houston, TX

Luis U. Kentzler

Mexico City, Mexico