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Chris Evans

Based in London, UK

I am currently working as a Product Designer & Front End Developer at FutureGov in London

Designer & Developer at


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What students say

"It's been a real pleasure to have Chris as a mentor. He's been truly inspirational and always available for feedback and assistance, above and beyond his scheduled sessions. His feedback was always spot on, insightful and aiming to push me above and beyond my comfort zone, to help me see things from new point of views. Event though I've not been able to finish the course yet because of work issues (and I hope I'll be able to access the material past the course deadline, to go on with it on my own time), the time we spent together has been hugely helpful and has thought me much more than I've ever dreamt of. The mentoring is the real "kicker" that make this course shines and beat any competition and Chris contribution has been, in my view, a key player in forming this opinion of mine. Keep up the great work!"

- Davide Molin, Design 101

Past Students

Klara Ränk

Johanneshov, Stockholm

Kate Searle

Stockholm, Stockholm

Nathan Bouscal

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Jake Maynard


Jennifer McHugo

Dublin, Leinster

Diana Nikolova

London, UK

Shirley Kraemer

Rotterdam, Non-US/Non-Canadian

Rachel Williams

Nantes, NA

Davide Molin

London, UK