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Dominik Väyrynen

Based in Helsinki, Finland

Product focused designer from the Nordics, currently based in Ontario, Canada. Worked with brands such as Volcom, Bjorn Borg, Philips, Gina Tricot. Currently Designer at Shopify, formerly at Unity.

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What students say

"Dominik was fantastic throughout the course. I would have given him a lot more stars, but the limit here is 5 . He always provided great feedback and guidance throughout the course. He always offered me helpful criticism while providing me with useful resources to improve my skills. I am very thankful that Dominik was my mentor, I really enjoyed working with Dominik."

- Deepak Mukkara, Design 101

"Graduating from Design 101 was the perfect way to kick-start my learning journey as a designer, and in no small part was it thanks to Dominik as my mentor. I would not have levelled up as much as I did without his guidance and the thoughtful conversations we had during our sessions. He was incredibly patient and understanding. He clarified any - and all! - questions and concerns I had, and the detailed feedback he offered, both positive and constructive, greatly improved my designs. I appreciated the stories he shared, including his mistakes and successes, and his approach to his own work influenced the way I approached my projects (and no doubt will continue to inspire future stuff). But the most valuable piece of wisdom I took from our mentorship, was learning to have the confidence to own your design decisions and be able to justify and communicate them. Dominik's teaching style involves asking a lot of questions - the Socratic method - that got you reflecting on your designs to better understand and improve them. Never once did he make you feel you were doing something "wrong" or "right" according to the "rules" or his preferences, but instead empowered you to think more deeply about your design's goals and also do what made you happy. I could not have asked for a better teacher for a design beginner, and anybody lucky enough to learn from him, will learn a lot. I wish him the best of luck in everything he does (which will all turn out awesome!). Thank you Dominik - and Designlab - for such an impactful experience. :)"

- Christine Dang, Design 101

"Really enjoyed working with Dominik. He was concise and very clear on his feedback. Great insight to the industry and with his current experience as a UX designer really helpful for my own aspirations."

- Lisa Pierson, Design 101

"Dominik is a calm, patient, and straightforward mentor which was very grounding for me as a complete beginner to design. "

- Pooja Lal Mohan, Design 101

"Dominik has been good at explaining design concepts and to give valuable insights into the world of professional design. He has a nice and easy going approach to doing mentorship which I really like. Overall I have been very pleased with my talks and feedback from Dominik"

- Niels Flindt Koelmeyer, Design 101

"My learning experience with Dominic was very good. He is extremely considerate, and was very accomodating with my course pace. He would explain all my doubts and always made sure they were all cleared. He linked me up with many resource materials, and left detailed feedback on my assignments. I wish to keep in touch with him in the future so that I can learn and benefit from his experience. Thanks!"

- Sindhumandari ., UX: Interaction Design

"Dominik provided good suggestions and arguments, was flexible and friendly and provided helpful examples, tips and tricks. I liked working with him."

- Bogdan Profirescu, Design 101

"Dominik was really helpful to get me started on design, on both thinking and putting in practice. He shared with me experiences, stories, tips and always answered my questions, giving more clarity to the things I was unsure about or I misunderstood. Dom have also often asked me questions that made me think about my work and take a step back, which is really valuable: more than learning actual results, I also learnt about the methodology!! :+1: It was a very good fit for me, as a webdeveloper and unconfident designer at the beginning. Now I feel pretty confident about kicking off awesome webpages ;) Thanks Dom, thanks Designlab \o/"

- Xavier Cazalot, Design 101

"I’d like to say what a pleasant tutor Dominik Vayrynen has been. He’s helpful, cheerful, full of resources and I learnt a great deal from him."

- Natalie Leung, Design 101

"I felt really relaxed talking with Dominik and he was very professional. He gave great advice even with issues outside of the projects. He provided constructive feedback and I really feel that I improved during the course. It was nice that I could use my own project for the final project and got good comments on that. He was very supportive throughout the course. "

- Katja Kortelainen, Design 101

"Dominik has been great! The things I particularly appreciated have been: * use of questions/Socratic questioning in feedback and discussion - inviting me to think for myself rather than feeding me good/right answers * punctual & reliable with feedback, email responses, and Skype calls * laid back & natural conversations on Skype * really helpful specific advice where I have asked for it (e.g. questions about colour schemes and details of handling layout) * happy to give feedback on repeated versions of projects at the beginning of the course, which helped me to gain enthusiasm for Design 101 * helpful comments on my progress across the course * pointed me to some really useful resources (e.g. Aaron Draplin videos on logo design & Chrome plugin available to mimic colourblindness) Lots more I could say, but Dominik has been very professional and supportive and I hope that more students will benefit from his mentorship. Cheers Andrew"

- Andrew Wilshere, Design 101

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