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Doug Gradt

Based in Seattle, WA

Principal UX Designer @ Amazon. Previously co-founder/designer @skilljar.com; worked for Amazon as lead UI/UX designer for AmazonLocal, Myhabit, & Endless.

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What students say

"Doug's insights really changed the way I have always viewed design. He helped to remove much of the mystery around the process and I found his subtle moves and reconstructions of my work to be the most helpful. He also showed me that good design is not necessarily pretty in the traditional sense but can be elegant in how it solves the problem. I had always felt that the Craigslist people never really cared about what their site looked like and Doug helped me to see things on their site that were very clever in the way they presented information. From a purely practical perspective, Doug was always quick to respond to my submissions and re-designs and his comments were brief and highly useful. As a programmer looking to become a designer, Doug was a very good mentor to me."

- Wayne Hiner, Design 101

Past Students

Robin Doyle

San Francisco, California

Mariah Dunn

Tucson, AZ

Wayne Hiner

Seattle, WA

Erika Norris

Seattle, WA

Zai Thottakath

Seattle, WA

Chrissie Spanton

Rockton, IL

Taylor Conyers

Redwood City, CA

Seth Juarez

Glendale, CA

Cassandra Molenda

Shoreline, WA

Daniel Chen

Bellevue, WA