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Based in Toronto

Looking forward to helping you on your journey deeper into design. I've made a few things—most of which you can find in some dark corner of the internet—and more importantly, I exist outside of your brain, which means I can offer some external perspective as we unpack your thoughts and ideas together.


Recent Work

What students say

"Nuff is amazing! I've gotten such constructive feedback and advice from him. He's very articulate and is well-versed in critiquing design. All around awesome mentor."

- Tiffany Wang, Branding

"Nuff did his best to encourage creative thinking and did a good job in giving constructive feedback. He is very good in understanding the student and their situation and affirming the student that in every critique there is something positive to gain, and something to learn from. He likes sharing examples of his daily life as an UX Designer which really helped me to understand how the projects of the course can be translated into real life. I enjoyed getting to know Nuff and having him as a mentor and will highly recommend to anyone! Thanks for everything."

- Monica Wong, UX Research & Strategy

"My experience with my mentor was amazing. He gave great feedback, and it was very concrete and specific. He didn't just give vague commentary. I have improved so much in these past four weeks. I would highly recommend!"

- Paula D'Ambrosa, Design 101

Past Students

Sumesh Jagtani

Pittsburgh, PA

Sarah McEwing

Portland, Oregon

Stephanie Descary

Ottawa, ON

Bethany Jasmin

Fairfax, VT

Brett Wood

Surrey, BC

Logan Williams

Philadelphia, PA

Mayuko Soga

Brooklyn, NY

Joseph Perla

San Francisco, CA

Kiri Morken

Penn Valley, Pennsylvania

Monica Wong

San Francisco, CA

Kirsten Anderson

Seattle, WA

Nureena Faruqi

Carrboro, North Carolina

Paula D'Ambrosa

Manalapan, NJ

Queenie Smith

Montreal, Quebec

Sara Givens

Colorado Springs, CO

Beth Brookshire

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monique Williamson

Dayton, Ohio