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Courtney Leonard

Based in Austin, TX

I'm a designer at Vox Media, working on brand development and product platforms. I have also have agency and in-house experience, which has given me a great perspective working with and for a variety of teams and stakeholders.

Senior Designer at

Vox Media

Recent Work

What students say

"Courtney was so great to work with! See was very flexible with our sessions and always gave great feedback. Her feedback pushed me to improve my designs and question my design decisions. She also gave great advice about design careers and what to look for in the future."

- Aaron Worrell, Design 101

"Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I only had 2 sessions with her, as a project came up at work. I would have liked to have been able to extend the time during which I could work with her, since I was unable to finish the course in the 4 weeks alotted. "

- Jori Raymond, UX Research & Strategy

"Courtney offered helpful feedback and resources. Rather than giving me a simple solution, she provided me with the tools to work through problems and use my own judgment. She also commented on my progress during the class, so it was nice to know that she noticed my development from project to project."

- Maia Herring, Design 101

"Courtney was super helpful - asking questions in a way that would make me think further in my work and providing additional resources to help me get familiar with the different processes learned in the course. "

- Sahita Pierre-Antoine, Design 101

Past Students



Shilpa Misra

Katy, TX

Aaron Worrell

Grayslake, IL

Colin Cooper

Austin, TX

Terry Zhao

Alameda, CA

Daniel Kruk

Cleveland, Ohio

Ahmed Saber

Austin, TX

Allison Schwickerath

Lafayette, CO

Amber Osborne

Washington, DC

Christine Saenz

Houston, tx

Austin, Texas

Julie Brodsky

New York, NY

Angella Brown

Brooklyn, New York

Maia Herring

New York, NY

Warren Sturt

Orlando, FL

Sahita Pierre-Antoine

Miami, Florida

Renae Jonak

Asheville, NC