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Charlene Foote

Based in Portland, OR

Product Designer at moovel. Ex-Floridian. San Francisco rookie. Globetrottin' junkie.

Product Designer at


Recent Work

What students say

"Charlene is a great mentor! "

- Fabio Dan, Design 101 v1

"Thanks for all your help, Charlene! I appreciate the time and effort you put in to thoroughly answer all my questions."

- Chad Kirby, Design 101 v1

"Good advice and attitude, flexibility with rescheduling"

- Kirk Israel, Design 101 v1

"Charlene was helpful, approachable, realistic about my goals, reliable and easy to talk with."

- Sarah Hawk, UX: Interaction Design

"Charlene is a very helpful mentor, her comments are practical and to the point, in our sessions she gave me very useful tricks and additional sources to learn from,she is excited about design, she really loves helping, and there is a lot to learn from her. "

- aya khalifa, Design 101 v1

"Charlene's been great. She gave me useful and actionable feedback when I needed it, and she pointed me to a bunch of resources when I asked. I came to this class with a project in mind and she adjusted her advice to make sens to me in that context. I highly recommend her."

- Mikael Gramont, Design 101 v1

"I really enjoyed working with Charlene throughout this course, I am very happy to have had her as my Mentor. She was always willing to help in anyway, easy to talk too, very knowledgeable about the course subject manner and presented me with a fresh, fun look at design. She was always upbeat with a great attitude and is a great motivator. Her suggestions through the critique of my work helped me tremendously and I feel I learned a lot from her. Thank you all so much for putting this all together, I had a great time and look forward to learning much more :-) Kind Regards, Stephanie Robinson"

- Stephanie Robinson, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Alejandra Lopez


C. Gonzales

Fontana, CA

Bleunvenn Choussy Mosher

Mountain View, CA

Chetana Kestikar

Seattle, WA

Ben Jones

Bellevue, Washington

Justyna Ruszczak

Las Vegas, NV

Carlos Fins

Irvine, CA

Conor Boylan

Brooklyn, NY


Los Angeles, CA

Shaowen Yao

Fremont, CA

Katie Gilligan

Swords, Co Dublin

Kana Johnson

Seattle, Washington

Jillian Chien

San Francisco, CA

Benjamin Holloway

San Francisco, California

Maureen McGonigal

Surrey, BC

Judy Wu

Oakland, CA

Jen Mitchell

Livermore, CA

Chris Offutt

Los Angeles, CA

Chad Kirby

Folsom, CA

Eric Robinson

Brooklyn, NY

Rebecca Deitch

Sherwood, OR

Nida Rashid

Bolingbrook, IL

Kristin Hughes

Berkeley, CA

Chuck Brophy

Huntington Beach, CA

Sabrina Bouraoui

Oakland, CA California

Sean Yang

San Francisco, CA

Sean Palesh

Stockton, CA

Karen Sanok

leesburg, fl

Kristina Hopkins

Odenton, MD

Lauren Mathieson

Ferndale, Michigan

Tim Chon

Pacifica, CA

Ginny Yan

Pasadena, CA

Austen Myers

Los Angeles, California

Catherine Cocke

San Francisco, CA

Kevin Lee

San Francisco, CA

Mikael Gramont

San Bruno, California

aya khalifa

san jose, ca

Stephanie Bates


Ted Cheng


Alexandre Rafalovitch

Montreal, Quebec

Sandi Macpherson

Oakland, CA

Geoff Martin

Columbia, MD

Christopher Curtis

Chicago, Illinois

Stephanie Robinson

Thousand Oaks, CA

John Biesnecker

Austin, TX

Jason Bautista

San francisco, Ca

Shadi I.

San Mateo, CA

Ryan Eric Well

San Mateo, CA

Dayna Feldman

brooklyn, ny

Divakar Bala

Saratoga, CA

Matthew Gerrard

Warwickshire, England

Kat Archibald

Farmington, UT

Scott Miller

St. Louis Park, MN

Ben Jackson

Chesterfield, England

Gladys Beltran

Coral Gables, FL

Vitoria Neves

Portimão, Portugal

Akshay Rawat

Kolkata, India

Carson Giles

Los Angeles, CA