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Chad Trutt

Based in Charlotte, NC

I am a Graphic Designer for Direct Digital LLC. I create Direct Response graphics for emails & product landing pages. I work with programmers to ensure all graphics are to their needs. I have 5 years teaching experience with the International Academy of Design & Technology/Sanford-Brown where I taught, Design 101, Design Fundamentals, Design Process & Digital Illustration.

Graphic Designer at

Direct Digital LLC

Recent Work

What students say

"Amazing mentor, really tries to help you learn. Thanks a lot Chad!"

- Art Karapetov, Design 101

"Chad was a great mentor. He knew how to balance his constructive criticism of my designs, considering my experience level. He also would frequently send me informational links, which is good for self study."

- Julian French, Design 101

"Chad was very informative when I asked questions and sent me links to help aid in clarifying information or questions I had. He was prompt and consistent in our mentor sessions and gave me more than enough time if sessions needed to be moved around. He was encouraging of my work and gave easy to follow directions and advice on how to better my designs. Chad was very easy to work with and is easy to approach and I look forward to keeping in contact and having him help me in the future if I have any questions."

- Kristen Bock, Design 101

"Chad is knowledgeable and motivated to teach and help students get their first exposure to UX and design. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in the field!"

- Aaron Haas, Design 101

"Chad was very helpful and provided plenty of quality feedback on my projects. He answered all of my questions and also gave plenty of additional resources on various topics. "

- Natahlie Halcrow, Design 101

"Plentiful resources to help & guide, gentle but thorough critics, Chad is a great mentor! "

- Hannah Oh, Design 101

"I really enjoyed working with Chad! His feedback was always helpful and he gave me so many good resources to check out. He has definitely inspired me to expand my knowledge of typography. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn more about design!"

- Ashlee O'Neil, Typography

"Responsive, encouraging and supportive. "

- Cynthia Andre, Design 101

"Chad was an excellent mentor! He was very accommodating and gave me great additional resources for whatever questions I had. Now I feel confident enough to continue building my portfolio and begin applying for entry-level jobs in the field!"

- Alexia Axelsen, Design 101

"Chad was a great mentor throughout the entire course. He was very fast in making comments to my submissions, allowing me to submit multiple versions to each projects. The comments were always very helpful in improving my skills, wether they were comments about design or about techniques and softwares tools I could use. He really helped me get a better understanding of the design industry and suggested many sources I could use to develop my skills. The skype sessions were always friendly and informative. He also was very flexible with the schedule and available at all times. Chad definitely got me even more interested into the world of design and I am now pretty sure I will be switching careers towards this new terrific job. Thanks a lot for your help Chad!"

- MylB, Design 101

"Having Chad as my mentor made this course so enjoyable. I learned so much from the feedback that he gave me throughout each assignment. He also offered to have additional Skype sessions with me if I needed any more guidance with assignments and sent me links to outside resources not provided through the course. It was such a pleasure to have such a great mentor, and it definitely makes me want to take more courses through Designlab."

- Katie Bishop, Design 101

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