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Caroline Smith

Based in Berlin

Throughout my career, I have helped Fortune 500 companies connect insights to design, brand, technical requirements, and product strategy. I have a solid understanding of brands and consumer behaviour across a range of industries including technology, automotive, health, retail, hospitality, and business transformation. ​


Recent Work

What students say

"Caroline is a very demanding mentor, but this is how I learn the most. She gave fair feedback to my papers. When she criticized something, she always explained herself and suggested how I can improve my work. She guided me through the course, she warned me about possible "dead-ends" and she didn't wait until it was too late and I have wasted my time. I got feedback always on time and the skype sessions were very valuable on top of our written communication. At the end of the course Caroline also suggested additional literature, which can be helpful for my job. Thank you, Caroline! You made me work hard for the course and that's why I also achieved a lot only within a month and I can apply it at my job. It was pleasure working with you."

- Iva Peytcheva, UX Research & Strategy

"Caroline imediately made me feel at ease and has been great in guiding and challenging thinking/approach. She has a great deal of experience and expertise that has been valuable in thinking about applying key principles to my current job. Really enjoyed working with Caroline!"

- Bindu Sudra, UX Research & Strategy

"Caroline was always very understanding and would give a lot of feedback on my assignments. She did an outstanding job on helping me think more about the problems of doing UI/UX research and how to approach them. I wish I had more session with her."

- Daniel Rios, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students