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Caroline Smith

Based in Berlin

Throughout my career, I have helped Fortune 500 companies connect insights to design, brand, technical requirements, and product strategy. I have a solid understanding of brands and consumer behaviour across a range of industries including technology, automotive, health, retail, hospitality, and business transformation. ​


Recent Work

What students say

"Caroline imediately made me feel at ease and has been great in guiding and challenging thinking/approach. She has a great deal of experience and expertise that has been valuable in thinking about applying key principles to my current job. Really enjoyed working with Caroline!"

- Bindu Sudra, UX Research & Strategy

"Caroline was always very understanding and would give a lot of feedback on my assignments. She did an outstanding job on helping me think more about the problems of doing UI/UX research and how to approach them. I wish I had more session with her."

- Daniel Rios, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students