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Carolina de Bartolo

Based in San Francisco, CA

Carolina is a strategic systems thinker who also revels in details. She is the designer and author of the award-winning book, Explorations in Typography, now in its second edition. As adjunct faculty at Academy of Art University in San Francisco since 2000, she has taught a variety of typography and design courses and served as advisor to many MFA thesis projects.

Founder/Creative Director at

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What students say

"Got great feedback and advice"

- Saihaz Azam, Design 101

" My weekly chats with Carolina were the highlight of my Design 101 experience. I am coming into this area as a total newbie and she is a font of knowledge on all things design - I learned so much about the history of design and gained so much insight into current industry best practices because of her. Her feedback was helpful and reflected a good understanding of where I'm coming from and how I'm trying to develop, and overall she just added to my curiosity and appreciation of the practice of design. I really hope to have the chance to engage with her more as I develop my design skills, and would highly recommend her as a mentor."

- Marcelyn Thompson, Design 101

"The mento ship with Carolina was great. If i ask her question and any feedback she gaives me straight away. Which i i liked it :) But just one thing i wanted get and share more than i asked her such as i can't even think about it because i'm new in design but she can see and feel :) she was sweet and kind mentor overall :) thank you ! "

- Kimi Jackson, Design 101

"She definitely seems like a no-bullshit type of woman. Its great to have her! I am feeling a lot more confident in this program knowing that she will pushing me when needed. I can tell she not only wants to me to be challenged, but wants me to overcome those challenges. "

- Halie Homan, Design 101

"I am fortunate to have Carolina as my mentor during this class. Her feedback is always thorough and has allowed me to look at the work I've submitted from angles that I had not considered. Her responses to my questions and her advice are thoughtful and insightful, backed by years of experience and a deep knowledge of design and UX. "

- Marcy Rosenbloom, UX Research & Strategy

"It was again really nice and helpful to have Carolina as a mentor. She gave me really precise and meaningful feedback to help me improve the quality of my projects. Always patient and enthousisatic about my ideas, she is a great mentor. I loved the Typography course. The lectures and lessons are really interesting and rich in relevant information to help achieve quality projects. I have learned so much and now feel much more confident about using typography in a way that will benefit to my projects. Thank you for that amazing new course!"

- Pascale Maillé, Typography

"Carolina was great! She was very easy to talk with and was wiling to help me on each project and with my many questions. I learned a lot form her. I feel fortunate to have had her as my mentor."

- Joshua Weber, Typography

"Awesome mentor! She was so easy to talk to and made herself available around my schedule which most people don't do. I really enjoyed the times when I had a question about something and Carolina would not only just answer the question but gives some background or examples to make sure I completely understood. I learned a whole lot during my time with Carolina. I'm sad to see the class come to an end but excited for the next time we'll meet! "

- Johnson Yong, Design 101

"Absolutely wonderful. Carolina was very encouraging but always gave it to me straight, which I appreciated. Her assignment comments were constructive, and I enjoyed my mentoring sessions with her. True professional and very lucky to have gotten her as my mentor."

- Thomas Lei, Design 101

"Carolina was friendly and helpful. Great mentor!"

- Cristian Radu, Design 101

"Carolina is very personal and gives great, direct feedback. I appreciate her honesty and constructive feedback. I feel like I've grown a lot. Thank you!"

- Cortney Marcus, Design 101

"Carolina was an awesome mentor. Knowledgeable, funny, approachable and collaborative. Most importantly, she has the heart of a teacher (and she is one in real life too)."

- Rob Castellucci, UX Research & Strategy

"Great mentor, super willing to help and provides fast feedback. Very knowledgeable as a design instructor. "

- Kitty Huang, Design 101

"Very helpful with strong feedback. Pushes you to keep revising to better your learning. Very available to speak and commented back quickly. Had a pleasure of meeting Carolina. She helped me improved my understanding and skills as a designer. "

- Emma Schmalz, Design 101

"A true professional in her field, her feedback on assignments was extremely helpful and supportive."

- Emily Lowther, UX: Interaction Design

"Carolina is very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. She is an expert on typography. "

- Chaoping Qin, Design 101

"really nice, and easy to talk to. She was also really flexible with her schedule"

- Kerrie Yee, UX: Interaction Design

"Super fast responses. Her feedback is very useful and understandable."

- Wayne Hiner, Branding

"Wonderful! She was always helpful and engaging-- and was never afraid to be honest about the process in the real world. I never felt like I was being judged for being a beginner; all of her advice was understanding and helpful for where I am in my career. I was lucky to get her as my mentor!"

- Carrie Roberts, Design 101

Past Students

Kathryn Bethard

Georgetown, DE

Helena Chen

Fremont, CA

Margot Linde


Jordan Barbosa

El Dorado Hills, CA

Alicia Rice

evanston, IL

Charlotte Soestini

Culver City, CA

Christian Solis

carson, CA

Nisha Hari Singh




Bleunvenn Choussy Mosher

Mountain View, CA

Tiffany Giang

Lynnwood, WA

Melany Valderrama


Monica Thy Nguyen

Garden Grove, CA - California

Sundarong Taing

Elk Grove, CA

Anthony Nama

Gilroy, CA

Ariel Lee

Oakland, CA

Stephanie Kabi

Nairobi, Kenya

Winona Li


Edyta Niemyjska

Montreal, QC

Conor Boylan

Brooklyn, NY

T.K. Garrett

Birmingham, AL

Marcelyn Thompson

Herndon, VA

erick hwang

Richmond, British Columbia

Mary Anne Lewis

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Macarena Pallares

Annapolis, Maryland

Olga Bolshchikova

San Jose, CA

Corey Kamberalis

Merrimac, MA

Katelyn Heins

Wyoming, MI

Mikael Gramont

San Bruno, California

Kimi Jackson

Dulwich hill, NSW

Felicia Myers


Hafedh Bucheery


Lucy Yan

Portland, OR

Kai Perez

San Francisco, CA

Joe Otter

Indianapolis, IN

Halie Homan

Tustin, CA

J'Vaughn Johnson

Bridgeport, CT

Ryan Furtado

San Francisco, CA

Stephanie Cheng

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental

Marshall Ma

Palo Alto, CA

Joni Savage

Bellbrook, OH

Sara Givens

Colorado Springs, CO

Rebecca Bormann

Denver, CO

Shivankit Sethi

Elgin, Illinois

Joshua Weber

Midvale, UT

Merina Mesa

San Diego, California

Hannah Crampton

Denver, CO

Darren Duran Jr

Broomfield, CO

Marco Denson

Brentwood, CA

Renee Wofford

Calhoun City, MS

Stephanie Cooper

Portland, OR - Oregon

Pascale Maillé

Sherbrooke, Québec

Megan Campbell

Phoenix, AZ

Paul Seid

Briarwood, NY

Doug Sherk

Mississauga, ON

Dana Marshall

austin, tx

Louis O'Bryan

San Francisco, CA - California

Kris Blackmore

Portland, OR

Flora Wu

Palo Alto, California

Conrad Corpus

San Francisco, CA

Jimmy Chao

New York, NY

Johnson Yong

New York, NY

Stephanie Lawrence

Washington, DC

Rosie Fan

Berkeley, CA

sarah ingraham

sandown, nh

Jeff Ringgenberg

Indianapolis, IN



Thomas Lei

San Francisco, California

Blake Arnsdorff

san diego, ca

Kasia Novikova

san jose, CA

Eshan Chordia

Menlo Park, CA

Ryan Bynum

Denver, Colorado

Bethany Jasmin

Fairfax, VT

Rosiee Sirimitr

San Diego, CA

William Ng

San Francisco, CA

Carrie Brandt

Clinton, TN

Jack Hoge

Berkeley, California

Diana Chiu


Cristian Radu

Emporia, Kansas

Karen Kuhns

Nashua, NH

David Leong

San Francisco, CA

John Horoszewski

Lawrenceville, NJ

Carson Giles

Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Lind


Cortney Marcus

Castro Valley, CA

Brianna Bender

Bend, OR

Angelica Baca

Kirkland, WA

Chase Thomas

Martinez, CA

Ellen Bartling

Austin, TX

Carolyn Hartman

Honolulu, HI

Joan Riano

Round Lake, IL

Guido Vieira

Montreal, QC

Alfred Lau

Toronto, ON

Maria Yarotska

Odessa, 0

Mel Smith

San Francisco, CA

Hannah Birkholz

La Mesa, CA

Sean King

Simi Valley, CA

Dennis Camacho

Ashburn, VA

Ashley Sams

San Jose, California

Erica McDonald

Calgary, ALBERTA

Valerie Sharp

northride, ca

Adam Bell

Boulder, CO

Gina Potter

Rosenberg, TX

Robin Anderson

Richmond, CA

Katy T

New York, New York

Tara-lee York

Fredericton, NB

Annie Longley

Provincetown, MA - Massachusetts

Jacob Tokars

Oakland, California

Emily Tartanella

Washington, DC

Rebecca Elish

Oakland, CA

Hillary Askew

St Paul, MN



Chrissy Burry

Broomfield, CO

Tiff Ting

San Francisco, CA

Rene Morozowich

Jeannette, PA

Austin Crouse

New Orleans, Louisiana

Rebecca Schmidt

Reston, VA

Rachel Mahan

Miami Beach, Florida

Schuyler Bos

Holland, MI - Michigan

W Guy Finley

Elkhorn, WI

Rob Castellucci

San Francisco, CA- CALIFORNIA

Roberta Schultz

Toronto, ON

Lia Rios

Dunkirk, md

Brittany Weiveris

Charlotte, NC


La Palma, CA

Sean Palesh

Stockton, CA

Andres Valencia

New York, NY

Shelley West

Brooklyn, NY

Chris Chilcoat

Frederick, MD

Jenny Kortina

New York, NY

Nabarun Nag

San Jose, CA

Emily Lowther

Elmira, ON

Amy Guo


Eli Johnerson

Pasadena, CA

Emma Schmalz

Spring Lake, NJ

Jason Jackson

wilmington, de

Michael Laser

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Jenia Walker

Sammamish, WA

Luke Delalio

Valley Stream, NY

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Milpitas, CA

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Henderson, CO

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Redwood City, CA

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San Francisco, CA

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Emeryville, CA

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Toronto, ON

Laci White

San Francisco, California

Christina B

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Lawrence May

San Francisco, CA

Bradley Spaulding

San Diego, CA

Carolina Garcia

Brooklyn, NY

Eric Stark

Santa Clara, CA

Helen Bentley

San Francisco, CA

Rebecca Chen


Wayne Hiner

Seattle, WA

Corey Fronek

Medford, OR

Barbara Laird

Los Gatos, CA

Camille Jackson

Chicago, IL

Luis Romero

Miami, FL

Brian Fall

Seattle, WA

Astha Gupta

San Francisco, California

Jose Galvez

San Francisco, CA

Svetlana Malakhova

Moscow, Moscow

EJ Harkness

San Francisco, California

Vince Polite

San Francisco, California

Jonathan Weisbaum

Catonsville, MD

Celeste Lam

Los Gatos, CA

Carrie Roberts

San Francisco, California

Daniel Fukuba

San Francisco, California

Hemant Verma

Hayward, California

Misha Nasrollahzadeh

Palo Alto, California