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Brittany Hunter

Based in Grand Rapids, MI

I'm a generalist designer with over 10 years experience designing web, mobile, IoT & desktop products for industries including medical, startups, nonprofit, education, connected spaces, industrial equipment, and more. I engage using human-centered design practices at every step in the process, from initial research, to wireframing and interaction design, and visual design and implementation.

Delivery Lead at

Atomic Object

Recent Work

What students say

"Brittany was always positive, prompt, encouraging and supportive. She was very good at picking out the pieces that I did well, and adding in some things I might want to try. She encouraged iteration, looking at things a new way, and offered suggestions for improvement, but always highlighting what was already awesome. She also talked to me about the soft skills I have and how they will fit into my new career path. She seriously rocks."

- Jessica Roschen, Design 101

"Brittany was a wonderful mentor. She gave timely feedback, offered good suggestions, and answered all my questions. I learned a lot from her. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with Brittany."

- Jennifer Lee, Design 101

"Brittany was an excellent mentor. She was responsive, knowledgable, engaged and encouraging. She was able to flow with my questions that were sometimes all over the place. Her feedback was always constructive and it was helpful to talk through the assignments on our 1:1 sessions. I felt excited about the field of UX after getting her personal account and it solidified my own decision to pursue this professional direction. "

- Lise Lavallee, UX Research & Strategy

"Brittany is so helpful, engaging, open, knowledgable and friendly. It has been an absolute delight working with her! I've asked her several questions unrelated to the projects we're working on through Designlab, and she's given me helpful tips and sent me links to great resources. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her!"

- Carrie Michlig, Design 101

"Brittany was an amazing mentor. From the first day, she was very eager to understand my motivation for taking this course and got somewhat involved with the personal project I am working on. Through all our hourlong sessions, she was a great listener and had great suggestions to address all my inquiries and doubts. Also very friendly, professional and caring. Highly recommended!!"

- Deepak Chhugani, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Jessica Roschen

North Mankato, MN

Stephanie Descary

Ottawa, ON

Adrian Warner

Philadelphia, PA

Ernesto Sillas

SAN DIEGO, California

Jennifer Lee

Bronx, NY

Julia Devin

New York, New York

Lise Lavallee

Charlotte, NC

Lucy Gao

Toronto, Ontario

Deepak Chhugani

New York, NY

Carrie Michlig

Savannah, GA