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Brittany Meronek

Based in Tampa, FL

Freelance Designer / Art Director: I design delightful, purposeful visuals and experiences to connect people and ideas. I believe in concept, creativity, simplicity and sarcasm.

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What students say

"Brittany was a great mentor for the course! In addition to the feedback she gave me, which was always timely and constructive, she sent me additional resources that she thought would be helpful based on my questions/interests. It was cool to have a mentor with lots of experience who's worked on a variety of projects on the spectrum of design. She was also very flexible with me in terms of the timing of our sessions. I learned a lot from Brittany and would definitely recommend her!"

- Calvin Jee, Design 101 v1

"Brittany was absolutely amazing as a mentor. She helped me transition from feeling like a beginner to becoming more confident in my design skills. Her efforts and mentorship will go a long way as I transition into becoming a designer. "

- Marco Wright, Design 101 v1

"Brittany was great to learn from and gave a lot of useful feedback and help."

- Raya Desawade, Design 101 v1

"Brittany was accommodating to scheduling changes, insightful when it came to project submissions, and customized her feedback to my goals. I would recommend her to anyone as a mentor."

- Jeff Lunt, Design 101 v1

"Brittany was a terrific mentor. She gave really clear and actionable feedback and provided a ton of great online resources that were super helpful. She was also really flexible on scheduling calls which was great. "

- Katie Smillie, Design 101 v1

"She was very friendly and long-suffering. Overall was a lot of fun to work with!"

- Bradley Young, Design 101 v1

"My mentor time with Brit has been fantastic, not only just about the course assignments that I've done so far, but about general resource material for design related matter. "

- Kim Ho, Design 101 v1

Past Students

Nicholas Palumbo

Lincoln, RI

Shannon Rae

Erlanger, KY

Andre Brown

Kingston 10, Kingston

Kristina Bjoran

Seattle, WA

Jessica Valenti

Ottawa, ON

Dessi Telbis

Glace Bay, NS

Yashad Kulkarni

San Francisco, CA

Navya Ryali

Fremont, CA


Taipei, Taiwan

Suzanne Ricci

Tampa, FL

Brittani Kelzenberg

Richmond, VA

MIguel Perez

Philadelphia, PA

Haripriyaa Ganesan

San Jose, CA

Omer Yariv

Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Lam

San Francisco, CA

Calvin Jee

Tenafly, NJ

Marco Wright

Richmond, VA

Raya Desawade

Oakland, CA

Monique Harris

North Miami Beach, FL

ying pan

Columbia, MD

Nicholas Elliott


Sanket Karuri

New York, NY

Anil Punjabi

Pleasanton, CA

Jeff Lunt


Katie Smillie

New York, NY

Bradley Young

Atlanta, Georgia

Tanvir Ahmed

Sarasota, Florida

Kim Ho

Waterloo, Canada