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Why Design I: Design is in Demand



Designers are getting serious respect from Silicon Valley. You’ve likely seen the stats and the press.... Read more

Founders Learning Design: Sandi MacPherson, Quibb



As design becomes an increasingly crucial part of the DNA of tech startups, we see a lot of product-focused founders thinking about whether they should learn some UI/UX skills. We were excited when the founder of one of our favorite products, a news-sharing site for professionals called Quibb, took our Design 101 course on Designlab. We took a few minutes to chat with Sandi... Read more

Startup Essentials: You Should Be User Testing

UX Design


You might have heard about how usability testing is all the rage these days. But, you’re a 2-person startup working out of a garage (or, more likely: a coffee shop in the Mission). Resources are tight, time is of the essence, and you wouldn’t even know where to find a UX Researcher if you wanted.... Read more

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