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Designing The Student-To-Mentor Feedback Process At Designlab

Product Updates


As an online education platform devoted to teaching design skills through hands-on practice and 1-on-1 mentorship, we think a lot at Designlab about what it means to be a good teacher. Faced with increasing demand for our courses, we recently realized that we needed to answer an important question: how can we provide quality mentorship experiences at scale? We took this design problem and, applying our UX design thinking process, undertook a product sprint to find the right solution.... Read more

How To Give And Receive Design Critique Well


Visual Design



UX Academy

It’s pretty unusual to find someone who enjoys critique. In this article we’ll look at what critique is, why it matters, and why we should all learn to love and cherish it. We’ll explore what is involved in conducting a good design critique, and outline some key principles for how to give good feedback to others. In conclusion, we’ll offer a few words on how to receive critique well, and look at a 10-point checklist to help you next time you’re invited to comment on somebody’s work.... Read more

Meet Designlab Mentor Patrick Multani



It was curiosity - and potentially the promise of a new computer - that initially drew Patrick Multani to design... but it hasn’t been products that have kept him interested in the field. Instead, it’s the opposite. Patrick loves how design can inspire ideas and create change. He’s working to help rethink and shape the future of education - and serving as a mentor and community lead with Designlab is part of his journey. ... Read more

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