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Meet Designlab Mentor Patrick Multani


It was curiosity - and potentially the promise of a new computer - that initially drew Patrick Multani to design... but it hasn’t been products that have kept him interested in the field. Instead, it’s the opposite. Patrick loves how design can inspire ideas and create change. He’s working to help rethink and shape the future of education - and serving as a mentor and community lead with Designlab is part of his journey.... Read more

Mentor Profile: Ryan Brock Helps Kickstart Your Design Career


“One of the biggest problems I see with people who want to get into design is they think it’s much harder than it actually is. It’s a career that you can try really easily without taking a big risk,” says Designlab mentor Ryan Brock. And Ryan should know. His own journey as a designer has been filled with trying, exploring, and doing.... Read more

Designer Interview - Lise Statelman


Get to know Lise, one of the Designlab mentors for our upcoming Design Essential for Developers course. Lise graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Afterwards, she spent time in Boston doing Web and Graphic Design work.... Read more

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