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Ben Sykes

Based in San Francisco, CA

Mentor, product designer & dev-UX hybrid focusing on interaction & behavior design. Worked at @Google, @Cisco, @Microsoft, @American Idol, @US Marine Corps. Currently consulting for various startups and teaching Information & Interaction Design at San Francisco State University

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What students say

"Ben was a great mentor, he surpassed my expectations. As this was only a month long course i assumed the mentors would be there for guidance and feedback but Ben went far beyond and helped me with aspects i would expect from a boss at a company"

- James Devenish, Design 101

"Ben was an amazing mentor! He provided fast and actionable feedback on all my assignments and walked me through extra help when I needed it. But he also went above and beyond to help me with my larger career goals - testing me with design drills and mock interviews, which really helped me feel more prepared to get started on a career in Design. I looked forward to his energy and enthusiasm at every meeting!"

- Kacey Ballard, UI Design

"Ben was a great mentor. He brought a lot of his own exercises to our sessions along with valuable insight and feedback on my work. Ben is direct and clear with his constructive criticism, which I personally find very helpful as an eager learner, but he also made sure to provide positive reinforcement when I had done something well. Additionally, I felt like Ben was genuinely excited for me and wanted to make sure I got the most out of this learning experience."

- Lexi Koch, Design 101

"Ben was great! He is personable but focused in our sessions and has a way of keeping you concerned about the Important Things. Some more insights/details into aesthetics and what drives those choices might be warranted but truly with so little time, he really does do a great job inspiring toward the stuff that clients/users really care about. Highly recommended!"

- Mike Nichols, Design 101

Past Students

Thea Chard

Seattle, WA

Miad Mokhtarian

Santa Barbara, CA

Mirah Kang

Fremont, CA

Lauren Sandberg

Oakland, CA

Lexi Koch

Culver City, CA

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San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, California


san francisco, ca

Samantha De Joya

San Francisco, California

Mike Nichols


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Green Lane, PA

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Dublin, Ireland