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Ben Frankforter

Based in Tel Aviv

I'm passionate about crafting digital tools and creating memorable brand experiences. I run the design team @BillGuard – acquired by Prosper.

Design Manager at


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What students say

"Ben is a great mentor. He was always available to talk and we always had deep design discussions that helped me get an extra grasp on graphic design. I'm really thankful for all the support he gave me. Thanks Ben!"

- Daniel Rios, Design 101

"Great mentor, very knowledgable and clearly a great designer in his own right. Gave me some excellent links to resources and really practical advice that I could apply to my work to make the design stronger. Went above and beyond the curriculum by also giving some insight on topics that weren't covered in the course such as how to price work and present to clients. Hope I can keep in touch with him to ask questions in future. Thanks Ben!"

- Jessica Debba, Branding

"Ben has been a great mentor. It is refreshing to be guided by someone who works in the industry and implements the topics discussed in this course in the real world. Ben has encouraged thought and stimulated a change to my outlook of UX through supportive and constructive feedback."

- Charlie Coggans, UX: Interaction Design

Past Students

Judy Kosowsky

Modiin, Israel

Helen Lim

Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Rios

Berlin, Berlin

Charlie Coggans

Bath, Somerset