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Andy Greenwood

Based in Europe

I'm a freelance user experience researcher/designer, now working remotely with clients all over the world and currently Director of User Experience with a great startup called Venzee, based in Canada.

Director of UX at


What students say

"Andy was extremely helpful with all of my questions and has a great amount expertise and understanding of the methods and processes covered in the course. He provided timely feedback and helped me out in getting what I needed from the course."

- Darko Mihajlovic, UX Research & Strategy

"Andy had a lot of really great feedback and suggestions in our calls and was always flexible on meeting times. I've been late finishing some exercises and he's generously continued to review them for me even though the class is over :) "

- Kelly Howe, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Chris Wild

Sydney, NSW

Jade Lundie

Swansea, Swansea [Abertawe GB-ATA]

Iain Matthews

London, England: Greater London

Fernando Rossi

Mijdrecht, Utrecht

Giorgio Losi

Rome, Rome

Darko Mihajlovic

Novi Sad, Serbia

Estelle Schnyder

Cork, Cork

Shafira Nugroho

Zurich, Zurich

Kasper Risbjerg

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Sinead Coffey

London, London

Benoit Soucaret

London, London

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Dublin, Dublin 7

Carmen Plumb

Cambridge, Cambs

Lior Label

marseille, provance

Daniel Morar

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

Carina Wise

Garfield, NJ

Nadia Rasul

Toronto, ON

Qiming Fang

Mountain View, California

Mark Graveline

Brooklyn, NY