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Allan Buntoengsuk

Based in New York, NY

Product designer @Teachable. Former product lead/database manager/digital producer/DJ/hand model

Product Designer at


What students say

"Allan was an amazing mentor! Not only was he super friendly, he really took the time to give me constructive feedback, as well as gave me more confidence with how to approach real life situations when it comes to UX Design. I would love to have Allan as a mentor again. "

- Elisa Wolfenden, UX: Interaction Design

"Allan was seriously the perfect mentor I could've asked for! Super friendly and easy to talk to, great feedback, and seemed to understand my questions as he cleared them up for me. Fun to learn, I was nervous at the beginning but he never made me feel dumb for asking what seemed to me to be silly questions, he was more than happy to help with anything. Truly appreciate the constructive feedback and made a friend too!"

- Laura Harper, Design 101

Past Students

Lauren Wignall

Mercer Island, WA

April Petry


Kaitlyn Horner

San Jose, CA

Robert Ngo

el monte, ca

Elisa Wolfenden

Vancouver, British Columbia

Jason Doh

Fullerton, California

Crystal Xiang

San Jose, California

Jack Law

San Jose, CA

Virgil Harrison-Place

san francisco, ca

Barbara Mendes

Maia, Porto

Laura Harper

Saratoga Springs, UT

Greg Wright

San Francisco, California

Akintola Marke

Lithonia, Georgia

Anna Flaherty

bothell, wa