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I am a business / product designer with a focus on design thinking through a development lens. I have 10+ years experience and I am currently Managing Director at Innospace Lab - a Design Thinking and Innovation Consultancy. Previously I founded a funded social impact startup (The Impact Engine - YCombinator for social impact startups) and was a visiting researcher at Stanford University.

Managing Director at

Innospace Lab

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What students say

"Alan is a fantastic mentor: open, engaging, providing absolutely spot on feedback and support with each step of my project as well as helping me stay focused on how to get to my end goal. He went above and beyond to help me gain the skills I need to improve not only for class, but to continue improving outside of class."

- Dede Tete-Rosenthal, UX Research & Strategy

"Alan was great! He was incredibly supportive throughout the course. His feedback was specific enough to be valuable, without being nit-picky. He was able to delve into topics that the lectures merely touched upon. He clearly explained concepts and related them to one another. He was great to talk to and learn from! "

- Katie Franklin, UX Research & Strategy

"He was great!! Very knowledgeable."

- Sarah Karolski, UX Research & Strategy

"Alan is really approachable and knowledgable. He gave me helpful feedback that I could immediately apply to my project for DesignLab, as well as in my current role. "

- Abigail Pautz, UX Research & Strategy

"Alan is a great teacher. He always had great, easy to understand feedback and has helped me learn a lot."

- Diana Moga, Design 101

"Great mentor with great experiences. I feel pretty lucky to have Alan as my mentor. He always went beyond my work and find a way to challenge my ideas to push the process further. "

- Nicolas Hochard, UX Research & Strategy

"Alan is very thorough with his feedback and very attentive to submissions. He is quick to answer questions through email. He makes things easy to understand for someone of my experience level, and I don't feel embarrassed to ask questions when I don't know something basic. I would absolutely recommend him!"

- Madi Waggoner, Design 101

"Alan was awesome. Very positive, enthusiastic, and helpful."

- Matt Poepping, Design 101

"Alan was excellent. He went above and beyond what I expected out of a mentor, and it was a pleasure to learn from him."

- Michael MacPherson, Design 101

Past Students

James Lorentson


Sneha Shah

Old Bridge, NJ

Christian Solis

carson, CA

Heyi Wang

Irvine, CA

Vicky Weng

Chicago, Illinois

Lauren Sandberg

Oakland, CA

Oksana Smetanyuk

Austin, TX

Annie Devine

San Diego, CA

Maria Jennings

San Francisco, CA

Robert Torres

Austin, Texas

Srivatsa Rao

College Station, TX

Olivia Wong

Fremont, CA

C. Gonzales

Fontana, CA

Claire Stringer

Portland, OR

Shelly Phu

La Jolla, ca

Jessica Chang

San Jose, CA

Monica Thy Nguyen

Garden Grove, CA - California

Holly Nava

Castle Rock, Co


Rego Park, NY

Gloria Yun

Los Angeles, CA

Hope Miller Goodell

South Orange, NJ

Yoon Shin

New York, New York

Mary Yeh

Oakland, CA

Ming An

Savannah, GA

Bindi Patel

Corona, CA

Larissa Yee

Redwood City, CA

Keat Teoh

Brooklyn, NY

Nicolas George

Seattle, WA

Elizabeth Nicholas

New Orleans, Louisiana

Vanessa Ortiz

Greenwood Village, CO

Theresa Zhu

Flushing, NY

Eric Asato

Mountain View, CA

Kal Kaloyanov

Downers Grove, Illinois

Yun Suk Choi

Vienna, Virginia

Deepak Mukkara


Adrienne Miller

Cincinnati, Ohio

Sowjanya Chintalapati

Ridgefield Park, NJ

Logan Williams

Philadelphia, PA

Elisa Wolfenden

Vancouver, British Columbia

Maddie Williams

Chapel Hill, NC

Karen Wong

Seattle, Washington

Olga Apolinarska

Corvallis, Oregon

Damon Strickland

Munford, AL

Shane Kittelson

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Anna Lee

brooklyn, ny

Zoe Russell

Perth, WA

Amanda Nguyen

Middleton Grange, NSW

David Chu

Torrance, CA

Morgan Plumley

Glen Waverley, VIC

Danielle Furini

Melbounre, VIC

Andrea Castano

Glen Waverley, Victoria

Mary Catlin

New York, NY

Ann Cabala

Katy, TX

Katie Franklin

New York, New York

Julia Kartozian

New York, NY

Amaeya Kalke


Loren Flores

Wilmington, Delaware

Shuang Han Ling

Long Island City, NY

Abigail Pautz

Indianapolis, IN

Alex Brotman

Fort Worth, TX

Danielle Erb

New York, NY

Becca Hummel

Dallas, Texas

Leah Ujda

Madison, WI

Richard Curley

Centreville, Va

Dominic Pedruco

San Francisco, CA

Melissa Grayson

Chicago, IL

Madi Waggoner

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Diana Moga

Bellaire, TX

Matt Poepping

longmont, Colorado

Michael MacPherson

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nicolas Hochard

Long Island City, NY