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Vesna Planko

Based in San Francisco, CA

I’m Vesna Planko, San Francisco-based UX/UI designer and researcher. I love designing digital products. Currently, I’m CEO of Habitual., a user experience agency specialised for banking and finance apps. Startups I helped shaping products went trough YCombinator, 500 Startups and TechStars​ accelerators. I won best design award at the 2014 @Launch Festival in San Francisco.

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What students say

"Vesna is a great mentor! Very knowledgeable, accommodating and has been extremely helpful along the way! Really lucky to have her!"

- Beryl Chen, Design 101

"Had a really nice experience interacting with her. Very friendly and approachable. Really interested in the progress of the student."

- Ramya Sreenivasan, Design 101

"Vesna has an eye for good design. Her constructive criticism and thoughtful feedback helped me to improve my designs. She was timely leaving substantive responses, normally within 24 hours! She's a great mentor, and I would recommend her to anyone. "

- Lisa Lehrman, Design 101

"I had a great experience working with Vesna. I have received lots of necessary information, useful pieces of advice from real experience as well as constructive explanation of all mistakes. Vesna is an inspiring and encouraging mentor, I will be happy to work with her again."

- Olga Melnyk, Design 101

"Great help, great experience, kind person! Wish you the very best for your personal and business future!"

- Matthias Mülln, Design 101

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Vienna, Austria