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Ryan Lewis

Based in Austin, TX

Ryan is a freelance graphic designer specializing in logo and illustration. He loves cartoons, dinosaurs, and Batman.


Recent Work

What students say

"Ryan have to the point feedback on visual design projects and examples on standards. Discussions with him and his feedback has been helpful for me."

- Nabila Rahman, Design 101

"He was fantastic. Asked all the right questions, challenged me to think about things, and was very easy to talk to."

- William Collins, Design 101

Past Students



Vincent Valentino

Columbus, OH

Anh Au

Bentonville, AR

Levi Flint

Martindale, Texas

Henry Binning

St. Louis, Missouri (MO)

Keziyah Lewis

Kissimmee, FL



Kate Catabay

Tucson, Arizona

Paul Gay

Burke, VA

Rosita Doyle

Brighton, MA

T.K. Garrett

Birmingham, AL

Kingsten Banh

Chandler, Arizona

Hai Vo

Highland, California

Brittny Wroblewski

Laramie, Wyoming

Caroline Adducci

Highland Park, IL

Damon Strickland

Munford, AL

Sarah Howell

Houston, TX

Katie Bennett

Chicago, Illinois

Leslie Wilson

Sugar Land, Tx

Songhee Lee

Seattle, WA

Emory Eledui

Madison, AL

Manasa Swamy

WAYNE, Pennsylvania (PA)

William Collins

Ottawa, Ontario

Nabila Rahman

Cedar Park, Texas