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Qa'id Jacobs

Based in Amsterdam, NL

I'm a designer and thinker cut from a different cloth. I've done creative and strategic work in 5 different industries over the past 15 years. I've got strong opinions that are usually loosely held. I believe that Time is short and Life is grand. I'm passionate about understanding the systems involved in any design challenge and have led teams designing solutions for projects across industries.

Product & System Designer

Recent Work

What students say

"Qa'id was the best. Creative, straightforward while also being supportive. He gave me a lot of great ideas and inspiration through his eloquence and commentary. I really liked working with him for a short time, and feel he went above & beyond to give me some crazy good tools to work with. He challenged me, and I appreciate that."

- Kimberly Lashbrook, Design 101 v1

"Qa'id is awesome! Great personality, easy to work with, and most importantly he knows his stuff. He always has resources for me to deepen my understanding of design. He knows how to reframe and present feedback in digestible amounts that feels growth promoting. Thank you again Qa'id for a great first experience! "

- Michelle Wiltshire , Design 101 v1

"Qaid is a great mentor! His advices were invaluable and improved my work immensely. I'm 100% percent sure the outcome of this course wouldn't have been as satisfying. However, in first three weeks I wish his feedback on my works came sooner so I'd have had more time to improve my work. Anyway I'm very happy with the outcome I have from this course, it definitely exceeded my expectations."

- Anastasia Okuntseva, UX: Interaction Design

"I really liked Qa'id as my mentor, he always had constructive ideas and he encouraged me to do my best and more. Throughout the exercises he made me rethink and question the way I approached the research methods and its results, I really appreciate that, as it lead me to the reevaluation of the process and I often ended up with a better result. So far, I have learned a lot about the implementation of the research methods and I think the journey wouldn't have been the same without my mentor. Thanks. "

- Lilu VG, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students