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Julien Deveaux

Based in Paris, France

I'm a Product Designer, an Entrepreneur and a passionate science lover.

Product Designer

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What students say

"He is highly knowledgable in design and he was very helpful in all the assignments."

- Pradeep Daniel, Design 101

"Thank you very much Julien! Your feedback was very valuable and I could learn a lot from you. You always took time to answer all my questions. Clearly you have a lot of experience and are very skilled in web design. "

- Annemiek van der Heijden, Design 101

"I'm not a typical student, because of all the outside things I'm working on. Julien was able to work with me on scheduling and then adjusting the material work for me. He also gave me a great list of documents to help me with my startup and any future career endeavours."

- Adam Pruett, UX Research & Strategy

"Julien was an awesome mentor. He was very helpful and spent lots of time answering my questions and finding extra stuff for me to read. He also always had ideas to push my designs forward. I couldn't be more happy. Huge thanks! "

- Max Al Farakh, Design 101

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