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Jonathan Maimon

Based in Seattle, WA

I'm a rare bird—a freelance UX researcher. I also do UX design. A few years ago, I started in this industry with no experience, no academic background, and no artistic ability. Today, companies reach out to me to design their websites and mobile apps. I've been through the path you are about to embark on. With hard work and the right mentor, I'm confident in your ability to get there too.

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What students say

"I had a super positive mentor experience with Jonathan. He was incredibly knowledgeable, had amazing insights on both course-related and career-related questions I presented. With his help, I was able to land a UX-related position and am eternally grateful. "

- Anna Tay, UX Research & Strategy

"Jonathan is a great mentor. He's thoughtful, helpful, flexible, and good humored. I learned a good deal from him and enjoyed our sessions."

- Ted Gideonse, UX Research & Strategy

"Jonathan, in each of the sessions we had, was always eager to share his knowledge about UX Design and Research methodology. He gave me useful advice and was encouraging and supportive of my journey, providing constructive feedback on my work/assignments. He also has a contagious positive energy. I highly recommend."

- Audrey Meligon, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Sunny Yang

Chicago, IL

Anirudh Ramanathan

Bellevue, Washington

Bryce Propheter

Gilbert, AZ

Amara Schaffer

San Diego, CA

Aparna Uvaraj

Sammamish, WA

Belinda Chan

NEW YORK, New York

Alex Collier

San Antonio, TX

Claudia Teng

New York, NY

Klaudia Saniewska

Jersey City, NJ

Laasyapriya Malladi

Bellevue, WA

Robin Cruz

Snohomish, Washington

Shawna Stephens

Racine, Wisconsin

James Underwood

Seattle, WA

Christine Steller

Calgary, AB

Samra Sair

Evanston, IL

Ben Morrison

Brandon, Florida

Julia Sharrock

Clinton, OH

Hai Vo

Highland, California

Anna Tay

Brooklyn, New York

Christine Chan

Alhambra, CA

Claudia Petren

Redwood City, CA

Lisa Lehrman

Castro Valley, CA

Ted Gideonse

Los Angeles, CA

Ksenia Buzina

Oakland, California

Evan Place

Lakefield, MN

Gheorghe Uritu

Tempe, AZ

Audrey Meligon

San Francisco, CA