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Glenn Ference

Based in North Olmsted

I'm a UX designer at American Greetings Interactive. I believe that technology is an incredibly powerful tool that when wielded properly, can augment our world in wonderful ways.

User Experience Designer at

American Greetings

Recent Work

What students say

"Glenn is so incredibly approachable and easy to work with. He had really great contextual advice and insights on my research strategy - helped me identify what portions I needed to rethink and what might be a good way to implement it given my constraints. I was also able to have conversations with him about my portfolio, and career goals in general, and really appreciate his willingness to share his experiences and offer constructive critique. Really glad to have Glenn mentor me through this course!"

- Soumya Ashok, UX Research & Strategy

"Loved working with Glenn! I'm glad we got paired up. :) He was easy to talk to and we had pretty similar communication styles. Friendly, helpful, honest, and smart. "

- Rosa Maglione, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

Courtney Mahon

Salt Lake City, UT

Soumya Ashok

Austin, TX

Rosa Maglione

Canton, Georgia