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Deborah Dennis

Based in Oakland, CA

I'm a currently a User Experience Designer and Entrepreneurial Consultant. I've worked for Visa, Apple, Intel, Autodesk, Symantec, GetThere and several startups. I've also run my own startup company, designing and building a SaaS web application from the ground up for vacation property rental managers. up.

User Experience Designer at

Black Rhino Design

Recent Work

What students say

"Deborah is a fantastic mentor. She has a great breadth and depth of UX understanding that she is willing to share. She gives valuable insights and critiques of projects, and does so in a positive, encouraging manner. She's willing to move beyond the scope of the course and answer a variety of UX questions to help the beginning student. Great to work with!"

- Lisa Zinn, UX Research & Strategy

Past Students

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Henderson, NV

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San Francisco, CA

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New York, NY

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Alhambra, CA

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San Jose, California(CA)

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Orem, UT

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Gainesville, Florida (FL)

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south san francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA

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Folsom, CA

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St. Petersburg, FL